Kenyans Are Fucked

You guys have created a system that works for everyone else (foreigners) but Kenyans themselves.

Panjeets, Pig Skins, Nywele Kamasis and Nigerians now masquerade as superior beings in your own country. They gallivant in high end restaurants, live in your best suburbs, get the best business opportunities, get the best service in restaurants / banks / public spaces and MOST SHOCKINGLY obtain Kenyan passports after paying a “small” bribe :joy:.

You guys have made this country too comfortable for foreigners. A people’s sovereignty demands that foreigners must be made to feel slight discomfort and remain aware that they can be asked to leave at a moment’s notice. Where are the nationalists of this country? All other races understand that the “immigrant” or the “foreigner” needs to be on a tight leash - some anger here and there, some threats here and there - in order for them to be constantly reminded of their place in society. Even South Africans have figured this out.

Stupid Kenyans with their “karibu wageni” culture have zero understanding of self-preservation. I don’t understand how all these people just come to your country, take everything that’s nice and lord over locals. Unbelievable!




Ulinunua hii kabla urudi Naikuru, ndio nilikuwa nakushow uwapelekee wanaougua na meno brown


Naona mitoto ya single mother imeshughlikiwa, eti NOEL


It is based on tribalism. A bonobo would rather fuck his own ass with a cactus than allow someone from “that tribe” they detest for a mysterious reason to succeed. Juzi tu, some busybody went to court to halt KRa recruitment becuase the wrong tribe was hired. If ruto had imported a bunch of panjits to work those roles, they would not have batted an eye.

Right now the same tribalists are celebrating that avocado farmers from muranga are suffering, which they desrve of course becuase they are of the tribe they hate.

if you go to masai land today, those masia leaders can order anyone to be extrcted from their area for owning too much land in terms of an acre when they could comfortably give 100K acres to some whitey and even join him or her for a celebration for owning all their land.

lakini wacha mkikuyu afungua kakiosk. Suddely these people have come too much and they are everywhere

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Itabidi nimetafutia babymama io ya “Wahu”. Na nimshow story za dentist appointment hakuna tena. Bitch has some sparkling white teeth now, na vile nilimpata alikuwa na tu brown tooth kiasi which I thought looked cute on her. Hio slay yangu inajua mumunya pesa yangu ki sasawa lakini haidhuruuu, she gave me the best gift in life.

wacha watombwe juu akili za wakenya haziwezi saidika low IQ bonobos


10x unbelievable! your rant is too ashy!

You need to understand that foreigners e.g US/UK citizens know that in .ke they have more rights then the locals.

GOK can not dare throw US/UK citizens out the way it can throw out other African countries citizens

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Kenyans are tribal, myopic, foolish and pathetic and they deserve whatever fucked up shit that’s happening in their lives because of apathy and the leaders they elect, there’s nothing to be patriotic about this shithole of a country, let foreigners carve it out, fuck Kenya.


Aren’t you the same person who hates your brother uhuru to death while you have no problem with mzungus owning whole of laikipia or your hasora pocketing dam billions and buying/grabbing ranches, choppers all over?

We should start by banning foreigners from buying property - land, houses, apartments, in kenya. Even the NSE should be strictly for locals so that all the profits made by companies is pocketed by kenyans and remain in Kenya.


I have seen on online forums whites complaining how they are mistreated in south east asia. Infact i have seen them complain that landlords in places like japan dont want to rent houses to them. So yes, a country should put its citizens first.

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i donthate him because he is a kikuyu i despise him because he is a moronic drunkard who didnt acomplish anything to move kenya forward

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Uhuru tripled Kenya’s GDP and moved Kenya from 12th richest to 6th richest country in africa. That is a huge achievement by any standards. Also increased electricity access from 30% to 85%. He tarmacked more roads >10,000km which is more than had been tarmacked since independence, and even built first sgr, expressway, new lamu port etc. Maintained interest rates at 14%, dollar at 110, NSE companies made record profits. GDP growth of upto 7%. Free primary and secondary educations, 100% transition upto university mpaka analipia govt students kusoma huko USIU. Coffee at a record 160, macadamia at 200 etc. Those are/were huge accomplishments to move kenya forward. Infact those parameters would make him the best performing leader in the world.

FYI your hasora is yet to build even 1cm of tarmac nearly 2yrs after election. The shilling has collapsed and so has the economy.


hakuna siku nitahurumia kenyan umbwa ghaseer takataka. Brain dead morons. A simple 1+1 cant add up in their brains. They are fuckin cabbage heads.
Juzi tu some guys of mine got a promotion kwa kazi and I heard one of the colleagues say If he was HR hangekubali apite. So I went interrogating him kiplani with false pretense to be on his side.
So I said huyu jamaa sijui amepataje hio job hata.
Nigga just had no apparent reason I could gather. Just utter tribalistic nonsense and shit. Na vile alikuwa amejaa malice. Ungedhani the guy killed his entire family. Umbwa yeye.

So Unakaa unajiuliza He has his own life to figure or fuck around with for all no one cares, Why does he have to get jealous over anything. Sijai udhika hivo.

This nation is full on inbred fucktards who can never embrace change in their lives.


meffi wewe

UNamtete si unende ukamunyonye

He did not tripple our GDP, he used clever mathematics to increase our GDP so kenya could qualify for bigger loans, which nobody knows where they are

Which best gift kasee ? if it’s a bastard Malaya uwesmakende ako na mitoto thate yenye misuli tinginya, stop being a bitch .
Let me present you with Clichy owesmakendeH na hapayuki

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