Kenyans Are Daft...So What If He's A Garbage Collector?

Nairobi woman quit marriage after learning husband was garbage collector, not airport employee.


A woman narrates finding out husband was garbage collector, not airport employee

I want to believe that she left him coz of lying to her for all those years and not coz of the job he was doing

Trust issues… She feels there is more that the ex hubby has hidden from her.

Lying not lying so what ? I have lied to my exes alot and they still stick around. Me thinks she got into him for status not for companionship. When the status crumbled, she left .

The name Shamim is synonymous with lanyez… i know at least 3

Na siumeoa mzee, wachana na exes bana tunza watoto

As long as hajalala njaa anazusha Nini. Akwende meffi yeye

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Nairobi woman ndio career gani?

He should not have gone back.

Listen carefully to what she said when describing him as chokoraa.

He is a decent guy who unfortunately was ashamed of his hustle. This was a reset moment for him to learn and forge ahead with someone new.


Assuming he was a pilot but opted to lie to the wife he is a garbage collector, do you think we could be having this discussion in the first place?

Good point. Do you think she’d be leaving him?

This guy has scored one on behalf of boy child. What with the countless men lied to everyday ati there is love involved, kumbe mwoman just wants a sucker to cater for her Milele;
and when boy child realises that the situation of catering for a full grown adult is untenable, mwoman introduces hostages into the equation and extorts in the name of family…


Why do people still care about what others think of you. Hii village thinking husumbua watu kwa nini? So what if you decide to walk around naked kwa ploti ukinyonga monkey. After wamejua watakupeleka wapi?

this shit looks made up though. Scripted AF

if this guys did not have kids i would advice them not to juu uyo jamaa seems weak na ile stress uyo mathee atasumbua yeye mbaya mboff

She wanted out but didn’t have a better reason that this one. Kuna wengi who change diapers for a living na their wives don’t leave them.

Mteso, na si unapenda hii maneno ya companionship? :D:D

Bruv, you should cut down on the whoring. Seriously.

But then again, @mishale says the world is ending at the end of this month so…

…I don’t know…