Kenyans and Hocus Pocus

Isn’t it surprising that in this day and age. Not one shitty villager had a phone that could take photos or a low resolution video to confirm this madness. Reminds me of that time BBC Africa got robbed by dudes posing as night runners and another UK paper fell for the scam and paid 20K to guy’s family who apprently fell out of a plane


Bonobo-esque nonsense.

A nice nollywood movie script…

Kamua Johnny na urudi kulala


:D:D:D Upussss

By reading this, my IQ has dropped drastically

This is nonsense.

ignorance is dangerous…huyu ni mkisii

Garbage takataka

How did they know that’s ati she was told not to get rained on??
Watu hukuwa na vivid imaginations kweli yawa

Matako wewe hiyo jina unaona ni ya mkisii? Sundu chieth