Kenyan Zoomali recounts tweets that got him axed from CNN

Mkipata kazi kwa hizi organizations kubwa kubwa scrub ya social media accounts where you are calling for murdering of fags. Otherwise ukiwa kwa apex of your career enjoying life then all of a sudden HR anakuita kwa ofisi na kukupea termination letter, reason? Your tweet from 15 years ago abusing fags.



Employers wenu wangeona vitu mnasema hapa kwa kijiji many of you would be unemployed.

Chokoraa ni chokoraa tu.

Nowadays if you’re employed the only place you should use your real name is Linkedin.

Wacha employers, na In-laws?

Nilikuja kuelewa most talkers here are married/wamefuga, and with kids and some respectable hustle.
They just come here to vent.

So what did he say about Jews?

Kwanza mujamaa kama @PHARMACY sai angekuwa Paipu akipeana story za njaba

He tweeted Team Hitler and said that Hamas are freedom fighters and nor terrorists

Wow, color me shocked! A Muslim antisemite? One thing is sure; he’s only sorry that he got caught.

What part says he’s Kenyan?

The article

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Kush dicklet manono , am self employed buana

He also has a lot of Kenyan material in his tweets.


Mimi na pewa summary dismal

zii,wewe mkubwa atakuuliza friday unajibamba wapi,unless it is a she

HR akiona handle Yako atadai upasue mayai Kwa mattercore

elders, target ni niingie pale World Bank Washington DC as a senior manager

Oh, I’m shocked! Fake news cnn cannot condone antisemite material - from non whites. But they have no problem with waffen ss material - in congress - from fellow muthungus. Blow me down!

I doubt it was some innocent tweets. It must have been some dark shit for them to take such action. Hiyo umbwaina gaslight watu. He’s trying to push put some positive content to associate with his name when people search online