Kenyan Youtubers

Nataka kuingia hii space ,just sharing football highlights and memes,for memes nataka kuwa na cover topics za zamani such kind of stuffs that happens in Kenya.
This is my first video and iko flagged 18+

Voice over and more text caption will be great. For a first video it looks great already. How did you do the sound?

Where is the Football/Meme video?

I wish you picked a better channel name than Johnny Sins wa Kayole. The ski mask make me think I’m witnessing a crime in progress.

There are other big YouTubers that use surgical face masks and shades to hide their faces. Ski mask inakaa threatening bana… in case you want to be advertiser friendly.

Its not an original but grabbed from AP news,i thought you could tell.

Ukitaka kunukisha kitunguu poa. Do the hidden cameras on prostitution but dont expose faces. Na usishikwe na hao maraya uki record

Tru dat, hata haina effort. kuna vida i came across something ‘daylight prostitution’ mujamaa ametembea tu kwa street moja pekee secretly recording lanyes wamechill nje bila kuwahoji or anything na vida iko na over 1.7m views

na learn editing then kuface cam and such stuffs, alafu which sound ? the music ama the last part priest voice?

This video kama umewatch ndio narefer as a meme, am trying to copy those guys who make memes na characters politicians,but for me ntakuwa na cover specific topics ,like my next idea naeza highlight a football game or any big sports story ishawai happen.

you are the second person amenishow about branding stuffs, i think since its a hobby ndio maana sikuwa serious hivo nayo, i just wanted to come up with funny and somehow educating/entertaining niche.yenye niko comfortable nayo.

hizo sidhani naezana bana, mi si msee kutembea sana and i have chosen memes and sports juu nakuwanga idle mostly usiku kabisa so i can have time to learn editing

naelewa huyo mjamaa, i think ni an Ethiopian guy ye huduu travelling stuffs and alichoma sana since hakuwa anaficha most places, content kaa hio kenya huwa moto sana

Hii ndio documentary ilifanya create hio meme

Upusi kwani you think your audience won’t get bored just watching lanye videos everyday. What’s the angle here ama utaanza recommendation for elders Hadi unaenda ndani ya hizo brothels coz that’s what the audience will want. Or you think 1.7 m YouTube views will earn you a fortune??

Hello Sir , I created several meme Videos for football , kindly watch and like kama utapenda .

Niaje DJ bana, here is a couple of video memes nmecreate so far, I hope zitakubamba , if possible kindly leave a like.

Bro thanks sana ulifanya ni look the bigger side ya hii hobby and I decided to change my name.

Thanks sana for the last 600 view on my first video, most traffic ilitoka hii kijiji, that was awesome considering the video is still flagged.