Kenyan women trafficked for sex in India

Those who like bragging that by using sex workers they are helping the sex workers pay bills. The reality is that you are a sexual predator paying a poor person to rape them. So that they can eat, take care of their kids and make a living. It’s like me getting a homeless person on the street and telling them I will pay them if they let me beat them up. And they act like they enjoy it. I hear in hell, all who patronize sex workers will be sodomised for all eternity. To help them understand what its like to be used for sex day after day after day. Like the Bible says, whoever destroyed the temple of the Lord which is the body, God Himself will destroy. Sleeping with a sex worker is destroying their body in the worst way possible worse than even drug addiction and abuse. God will surely destroy all who destroy their own or other people’s body.

  1. Rehashing old news
  2. Hizo kunguru knew what they were getting into.

So in your wisdom wise one… They should sit down and wait for money to fall from heaven like manna? There is a reason its called sex work blame capitalism

Fyi sijawatch

No one physically forced that woman in to sex work. These women want men to pay for the sex. The contention comes in only when they realise the market value of their pussy is below their expectations. You cannot ban prostitution. Women know there is money in pussy and will use it either to get a rich husband, or to get a sponsor, or to run tricks…

In any club men will notice the cute girls easily. Some men are rich and generous, they will offer to be their sponsors. Some girls will get hooked up for life (rare), some will be hooked up for the night (more common), some will be ignored (very common). Cute girls we are talking about here…

BUT showing up in a club with a face like that?! MAAATHAFAKA! Eish.

That woman has no idea.

Apparently she is a “professional victim”

Bro hapa we are wasting our time… Trying to sell pork in saudi Arabia

She’s wearing adult diapers… Yahoo boys tore up that a hole!