Kenyan women once you go abroad focus on junguu men, our chimps will make you a single mother

This beautiful girl dated Kenyan men strictly and she became a single mom of kids from two different men. She has now come back to her senses and is now dating junguu men strictly. She even looks happier. If only she started with junguuuu men she would never have seen the dust chimpanzees showed her in America. A cautionary tale on why you win when you put color to the side. Hakuna kurudi nyuma. You left Africa behind, leave African men behind. Black women make great wives and they are married every where even in China. Stop limiting your options when you are in the land of opportunity ati ohhh I must marry someone who is my race. Say no to being used by chimpanzees to birth their kids then they leave you to do everything by yourself.

Baby daddy number 2

Even here she’s busy defending the same chimpanzees who pumped and dumped her. Be bold with your decision to go full on exclusively junguuuu. No apologies and explanation. Sema black men have messed up your life and you are now team junguuuu.

Huyu ako na 9 kids with 6 baby daddies all chimpanzees. So if you insist on dating only chimpanzees, this is what you end up with. Btw she hasn’t given up on Chimpanzees 9 kids and 6 dead beat baby daddies later. Black women ni kurogwa tulirogwa or what?

Chimpanzees gonna make you cry fr. Get pregno for a chimpanzee at your own risk.