Kenyan Women like to emasculate men

I’ve noticed that most Kenyan men who are dating wanakaliwa na mabibi sana. Even if sio sana, Kenyan women really know how to make a man doubt himself and most men can’t see vile wanachezwa… They go to great lengths to prove their wives wrong alafu the wives get what they wanted all along… which is always some materialistic goal… most of the men are scared to disappoint their wives… alafu marriage hizi zenu only benefit the woman… ukimuoa her whole family is now yours and you have to prove yourself by going along with whatever nonsense they want you to go along with… wewe ni unyamaze na utoe doe… else they make you to be a really bad person…

Ata kwa vijiji ni wamama wanaongea. Men are nowhere to be seen. The smart ones are in a bar somewhere. The idiots are busy slaving away for their wives.

I don’t know who told Kenyan women they are angels for giving birth. Marriage imekuwa tu ya kupea wamama social status. Men get absolutely nothing. And it’s only in Kenya. Once you go abroad or even to neighboring countries you will understand what I mean. Even in Europe and America women are very different. They respect men. They actually focus on the marriage and not the social status marriage gives you. In fact there’s nothing special about marriage abroad. In neighboring countries women treat men well, ( even though they overdo it and it’s also another form of manipulation)

My point is Kenyan men mnachezwa na hamjui. Women have you where they want you.

Oh sigh and sigh again:rolleyes:. This nuggets of wisdom will kill you lot one day.

You have a point.
The phrase ‘hajaoleka’ carries a lot of stigma.

My friend learn to differentiate Kikuyu Marriage structure from other Kenyan tribes.
Unlike Kikuyu matriarchal family structure, other tribes Eg from western Kenya, Somalis, maasai, etc have a patriarchal structure where we even marry up wards of four wives in the same compound and respect is paramount!
Only kikuyu women ndio utawapata viherehere kama @Finest wine hapo juu hadi kwa siasa kina Karua wanting kukua president na monthly periods:D

Leta hekaya. Juu bibi amekusumbua sana

guyz am startin to think homozapiens(am ni kenyan:D:D) n wadudu alwayz pamperin n simpin the queen, amuon mamalz zingine male juz fuck and chill:confused:

I hope by “abroad” you mean hapa kwa museveni and not US for example. If you mean US I am sorry to say then you haven’t seen how fcuked up that society is when it comes to marriage. Words like “alimony”, “get snipped”, “cheated on”, “my previous marriage”, “can’t see the kids”, “child support”, “state law”, “attorney / legal fee” are the order of the day.

Umeongea ukweli mtupu. I realized this a long time ago and stopped being misused by fucking stupid women. I am now woke and living stress-free life.

smart ones wako kwa bar?

Pewa mbili bonoboste

Asande my dear

Yes. The stupid ones like you have been whipped into being submissive and controlled beta males

Beta makes ndio wako kwa bar wanakunywa alcohol wajifeel kama wanaume wengine. Mnakaa kwa bar ndio muingie kwa boma wife akiwa amelala, sababu mkiingia mapema hamna sauti kwa nyumba.

Tunaingia SAA tatu na kuchapa kila kitu mateke including hens and the wife. Nyinyi mnaingia home by six pm ndio mfungie kuku otherwise mkichelewa mnazomewa kama watoto

Early in the relationship speak your truth. Be consistent and clear about your deal breakers.

Not all women you date can or should be “wifed”

You will lose many but save time and money but gain peace of mind later.


u must be gullible to a very common breed of women who are emotional manipulators. you need to man up and drop them, not generalize that we are all in the same boat. I am not in that boat.

Are you a man? Nature, culture and social settings serve different purposes for both genders .Times have also changed .You cant use same old shaming tactics to undermine the role of men .And if you use small samples to back up your argument, you are wrong .The position of the man remains as the provider and protector .If you have failed in this, then its time you took a hard look at where you are not getting it right .I doubt you are married or even have a family, otherwise you would speak from a different perspective.

When was long time ago? When did you kill your My Cousin persona??

He he he. I couldn’t wrap my head around that statement

Very very powerful points indeed, wenye kusikia wasikie.