Kenyan Women Learning

Kenyan women are starting to see that chasing that fast life using the GOATED vagina is a fight with diminishing returns.

It’s been long coming, not that I celebrate women being killed. Life was bound to catch up with them. Once again, the safest umalaya is the one where you parade yourself on the street. Everybody knows what you’re selling and it’s a one and done kind of thing.

Hii ingine where you disguise your umalaya by saying “tuma fare” “twende Diani babes” will get you killed in an AirBnb like a burukenge. Basically, kama unauza do it in the open. Don’t pretend that wewe ni high class bitch unless you can attract top tier clients kama my girl Haentel Wanjiru aka Nyambura. Huyo minimum ni umlipie staycation in Monaco. Wewe wa kupelekwa apo Maasai Mara utauliwa bure.

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You are looking at 10million success rates vs 5 deaths. Hawatakuskiza.


Which is why I’m surprised this is even an issue. They should take the 5 deaths bila kusumbua sisi on social media and TV stations kila siku. They should take the few Ls peacefully.

Hawawezi skiza. The most work some of these women can do is take a shower and dress up. You expect women who can’t even clean their own houses/rooms to go out and break a sweat? I do not condone murder in any shape or form.