Kenyan women killing white husbands

Just recently a lady by the name Riziki Cherono killed her white Dutch husband who was a successful businessman. Their marriage got into trouble and the white guy demanded for a divorce and shortly afterwards he was eliminated.

Its becoming a common habit for that to occur.

A rich white older man gets the chance to sample a younger woman and this woman in turn gets the chance to be skyrocketed to richness. I am not sure if the women are attracted to the white men the time they are marrying but I highly doubt.

However the white man’s modern culture of exploring, having lots of fun even while old, being experimentative etc always proves to be too much for the African women to cope with who are used to the African culture.

There have been other cases the notable one being the white man whose body was found in a septic tank, though that was a different monster story all in all

But they got something similar: the women will be in these marriages because of the wealth and the uplift of social status.

Whereas for the septic tank case it was more sinister, well in this case this white man threatened to take away what had brought and kept this lady in this marriage.

If older white men will be coming here to get young ladies for marriage they need to understand that these ladies will want nothing less than a permanent deal. These ladies once they get uplifted will not want to go back to poverty. It will be an exchange of youth for wealth.

Though I doubt the loyalty of these ladies. Its always like they have some local guy whose job is solely to perform between the sheets 7 rounds minimum.

Tag Truman Shipoto and run away. :D:D:D:D

The solution to a scheming , clingy , golddigger is super fast manouvers …

Purchase an air ticket for Europe … leave suddenly for an “urgent” business trip and 3 days later , send in your Lawyer with Auctioneers to size all your assets and liquidate them …

When the dust settles , … send her a “Dear Jane” letter from the Channel Islands saying goodbye … :D:D

Black women do not like white men, contrary to what they like to claim.

@TrumanCapote do you know anything we might not be knowing

Baboons drove her to this

I am not married to a white, black, or any other MAN I can’t last in jail so I avoid crime and its antecedents.

Materialism is to blame for all this

The kind Truman advocates for. So the woman supposedly left a baboon only to behave like a baboon herself. :D:D:D:D

Kapotty is not very different from Wairimu Cohen. She can murder you and throw your corpse in a latrine

There is no easy money on Earth.
We are living in the 21st century and women still want to improve their income and social status through the marriage. How can they possibly feel secure when their prosperity depends on their husband who is interested only in their bodies. It is an open secret that wealthy men want to have young wives, all of men want to have young wives, but not all of them can afford them. Every healthy person would prefer to have sex with a young person rather than with an old one. So, rich people accomplish their goals with the help of money they earn. How about those women who marry such wealthy guys? Do they really love them? Nobody knows. Perhaps there are some women who really love their white husbands, I cannot say that all of such women are liars, but most of them don’t. They become dependent voluntarily in order to escape from hardships and challenges.
I’d like to say that challenges and difficulties are an integral part of life and if you marry a rich guy, you only postpone the moment when you will have to face the reality.

Since you were once married to a reach old man Weren’t you tempted to eliminate him when he filed for divorce ?