Kenyan Women Are Trading Sex For Fish-Jaboya

Sex for fish, popularly referred to as Jaboya, is a phenomenon in which women are forced to have sex to buy fish.
In Kisumu in Kenya, the practice is subjugating women and spreading HIV around its shores.

After getting aids…



It’s very sad situation

it is not called jaboya. jaboya is the individual who gives her fish

Nothing new. Women have used sex as an asset since Biblical times. In towns and cities they trade it for cash. In universities they trade it for grades. In slums they trade it with landlords for housing etc etc. I don’t understand why people act surprised. Heck, even in offices they trade it for promotions.

so Jaboya is the boss of everything


I was wondering why it was a concern. Never seen african fisherwomen for starters so how do they get their fish? Through nyaus ofcourse

Sex is the universal acceptable legal tender…women use sex to get what they want i.e food, money, gifts, jobs, promotions, grades etc

Why are you all acting surprised??


Spoken like a true elder my brown buddy