kenyan women and voyeurism

Lately I have found myself looking back at sexual encounters I have had where privacy has not been all that forthcoming for one reason or another.
I mean I’ve had to lungula with a lady on the same bed where her best friend is sleeping or atleast is pretending to. I’ve also indulged in a friends living room while the hosts’GF pretended to excuse us and go to the bedroom to be with her passed out boyfie only to realize in the middle of the mechi that the GF conveniently left the bedroom door slightly ajar so she could easily watch. In a clubs parking lot kwa gari only to finish and find two of my woman’s girls waiting outside the car yet everyone else had already checked into the club eti they were waiting for het to finish ndio awapatie make-up kit from her handbag na zingine nyingi.
In all these incidents, where the women am screwing realized we are being watched, they’ve tended to up the volume & overexagerate their enjoyment.
Which has now led me to draw the following conclusion: Despite how naive, unspoilt, decent or whatever a lady may pretend to be, inside ALL of them is a wild uninhibited sexual animal that enjoys watching others having live sex in equal measure as they enjoy being watched!
Pink handles can confirm this na sijaongea uwongo.

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picha,sketch,video,thermal imagery…


You must be a fisi numero uno.
You always manage to isolate one chic from a group and manage to convince her to have sex with you as the others wait?
Hekaya detected.


NV = Me following & no commenting

Ufisi ya hapa huwezani nayo. Kuna mwingine juzi alikua anacomplain vile yeye huangukia coomer tu fwaaa. Ati ata akienda kwa duka kubuy ball gum, anashtukia kidem kimetoklezea out of nowhere, kinamvua nguo na kumforce akitombe.


In my make believe world I am King…


Huwezi kosa mbicha na huo ufisi wote

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Mbica Kasee!


The general consensus is that this is fiction and papal holiday fantasies at play. Jameni hakuna hata like moja? :D:D


Wacha nikapee moja

Inaonekana hapa watu wana very boring lives…mtu anapeana story basic kama hii mnamrukia ati ni hekaya, cz of course, you can’t recall ever coming close to such an experience.

and about women enjoying being watched, yes, you’re right @msemakweli.

You didn’t have to do that. :D:D

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We are all basement dwelling virgins, your point?


Lack of mbisha = Hekaya

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This hekaya has only partially fulfilled the standards of hekayas…where,when,why,what and how

All ye brethren of little faith…what is so unbelievable about my experiences?
Have ye not had coital knowledge of a sisteren in a dwelling where another soul layeth?
I tell you the truth, it is easier for the likes of @Cantilever to marry 1000 wives and lay with each one of them with a 999 audience than for most of you thomases to enter the queendom that is between a woman’s legs.

Hata ukatumia lugha gani boss,it will not collect convince us to believe your stories