Kenyan woman and her daughters killed in USA after a DNA test

[SIZE=7]Tragic end for Njoki Muchemi as husband shoots her, two daughters to death days after birthday[/SIZE]
A Kenyan woman and her two children have been killed by her husband in Louisville, Kentucky, United States in what police suspect to be murder-suicide.
Several media reports indicated that Gary Stanton, 60, shot to death his wife Mary Njoki Muchemi Stanton, 49, and daughters Andrianna Stanton, 17 and Brianna Stanton, 11 inside their house in the Valley Station neighborhood.
Initial reports from Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) show that it appeared Mr Stanton was the aggressor, shooting his wife and daughters dead, before turning the gun on himself.


Kunguru angebaki Tu vumbistan. She thought she will get away with it like here in vumbistan.

don’t be like that. those little girls did not ask to be born.

:D:D wueh. Nikama hakufanya dna mapema

Hamukusoma about scorched earth policy and it’s effectiveness in high school?

Wapi story ya DNA?

This Santon man has a hardened face of a Meru man… his beady eyes tell he is a man with nothing to lose.

Mimi sijaona story ya DNA imetajwa mahali hapo

Shooting a hoe is remotely understandable. But how a man can shoot two kids is just crazy ata kama si wako.

rumours from the family whatsapp

Soma mambo ya scorched earth vile nimekwambia. You are making the assumption that vile wewe uko na huruma wanaume wengine pia wako na huruma. There are men, I included, who treat any insult on their manhood not just as that but a slap in the face to his ancestors. From that point henceforth, the ancestors must be avenged by force or fire. Unamaliza kunguru, her offsprings, siblings and any relatives of hers to the sixth degree. That includes her cousins.

Wacha porojo! Even without DNA it is obvious that young daughter resembles that man

tulisoma. scorched earth policy contravenes the geneva conventions.

this, from a guy who squirms at the thought of policemen killing armed robbers :D:D

Please, do not infect me with your intellectual dwarfism. There is a whole lot of difference between killing someone while in an active shooter situation and the execution of ambushed suspects in cufflinks. I should know having served in the MI6 and later on with the British Granadiers retiring as a major. For those targets who we could not rendition to Britain for trial, summary execution was the first option for they were a danger to ourselves. But several were renditioned to face trial in civilian courts and long jail times in civilian prisons.

Wueh! Njoki alidhani huko ni vumbistan

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Kunguru kweli hafugiki