Kenyan vs. Ethiopian Security forces..

Brother, I stand corrected, if I am wrong.

But, here online, I sometimes read that kind of attitude from some Kenyan brothers. Especially, about some of our systems and about some Ethiopians, who happen to cross your lands as refugees. In many things, we actually would like to emulate you guys. But, sometimes, when I read some newspaper culmnists from Kenya, they sort of try to shame us for not speaking English or not being too westernized, calling us backwards and stuff…I can show it to you…We like the way we do things. (I don’t mean politics. Our political system gets sh**ty more than often :slight_smile: ) but I am talking about our language, and who we are… Anyway, I am glad I joined the forum. We’ll talk about it a lot in the future…


Tell me whats the view of Ethiopians on Somalis? and is Ethiopia affected by ethnicity considering the fact that its the tigrays in power right now

I am sure you are not asking me to speak for an almost 100million people… :slight_smile:

Generally, the view of Ethiopians on Somalis is not that of animosity. Remember Ethiopia has almost 7million ethnic Somali population. If you are asking me about the hostile feelings that was created, because of hundreds of years of conflict and the last one few decades ago…well that’s just history. We both should shrug it off and lets ward off our poverty. The Ethiopian Somali region actually now is one of the regions that is quite well progressing and quickly recovering areas… Ethiopia. Somalis in Jijiga are bilinguals with Amharic and Somali, they are quite effective in providing security not just for their region, but the entire country by deterring Alshabab.

About power make up in Ethiopia. I am going to tell you something frankly. There is no one ethnic group that is ruling the country. I know that you have heard that repeatedly, but it’s a political rhetoric that is designed to isolate certain people in power. After Meles Zenawi died actually the only visible person from Tigray region is the foreign minister. Ethiopia is a very complicated country to be ruled by one ethnic group representing only one region. Many outsiders even fail to understand the difference between Ethiopian ethnic groups. Especially between Amhara and Tigray ethnic groups since the culture the religion and to a lot of extent the language is the same…What I am trying to tell you is, no one ethnic group can have an upper hand in today’s Ethiopia and rule others on “on behalf of their people”, hence, ethnic federalism.

Hawassa Stadium (Southern Ethiopia)

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Napenda Addis sana, I always make sure I take the last ET flight landing in Addis when travelling either to or from Kenya, that way I am guaranteed free accommodation and if lucky some kunyi. and you got great weed there and the beer is cheap.
Love it.


Oh man…that is a long story for this thread…

It’s actually a phenomenon that put us always on the logger head with most Arab countries and at war for most of our existence. To defend our faith. Having said that, please don’t forget that out of our almost. 100million people 33% are Muslims.

Most retarded question in presence of wageni…


:D:D:D:D @uwesmake tutakua tunakuficha kwa store ya mahindi tukiwa na wageni kutoka nchi jirani


@Jos Landos

Say something about free media/freedom of the press.

It would also be interesting to hear your views about the narrative that the GDP growth figures are fabricated.

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you are not wrong.

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From now hence forth, I would like you to not get over emotional whenever we talk things Ethiopia! Because when we do so we only talk about what we are privileged to know, and that is about the government of Ethiopia, the same government you just described as shitty! We have nothing but respect for Ethiopians and utmost admiration for your ladies  :p:p:p


Debatable :slight_smile:

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We don’t have it. That is actually one of the things that we are very much envious of you about. (Although, at times your media get to be a bit tabloidish) :wink:

The idea and the attitude of free media of the “developmental democratic system” (or whatever we call it) is that you have to have a better life first to have a luxury of writing on a news paper. And also they believe (the authorities) that ‘free press is a craving of city elites’, anyway. Having said that with serious intimidation and harassment there are some private media houses that walk on a tight rope to provide a bit balanced views…But, there is no doubt that we need more a whole lot more.

About the GDP figures…The figures are not Ethiopian governments. They are from World Bank and IMF. They do have their own method to survey it and believe me they have a huge presence in the country. The changes also are very much visible, not only in infrastructure projects, but especially in rural areas. So, that is my opinion, brother…



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@Jos Landos wanna ask, what is the defacto language of instruction in schools from kindergarten to Uni and since you keep talking of elites who the fuck are they in your context.

welcome new villager. we shall sit there ----------------------> as we’re learn more :slight_smile:


@Jos Landos, I think you are a smart! I’m liking your elaborate explanations, Sir! What a perfect contrast from what we have been subjected to in the name of mugfull mdanganyifu! @Mtanzania Magufuli, njoo hapa uone objective argument!

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Good. I just want your opinion on some of the issues that I’ve read or heard about Ethiopia. That brings me to my next question: there have been allegations that Ethiopia’s economic growth has not been witnessed in some parts of the country, which has led to thousands of citizens fleeing from the country. Several times, hundreds of Ethiopians have been caught in Kenya being ferried to South Africa.

What can you say about that?

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And, please, exercise some leniency with the dude, Sir! Mind you He’s a new Villager!

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The language of instruction in schools is your mother tongue as well as Amharic, until you are 7th grade After that English is provided as a subject. In high-school English is the main language of instruction with a strong presence of Amharic and other languages relevant to the regions.

When I say elites, I was talking about what the government or the system classifies as elites. Not necessarily I was talking about who I think are elites. The system believes that upper and upper/middle class urbanites are “elites”, who have very much different world view and interest than the poor and rural Ethiopians. Since the system says that it has a pro-poor economic agenda that is copied from South Asian countries of South Korea, Vietnam and a big from China, it prioritize the segment of the society that is poor and rural. I hope that explains it better…

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