Kenyan vs. Ethiopian Security forces..

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This is interesting and a bit funny news bit.

The news reader is awful, but the story is quite interesting…

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sadist reporters…

New Villager, Martha Karua is greatest female politician Kenya has ever produced.

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Ethiopia is a shit show. North Korea light.

It’s had to trust anything that comes from countries that the media is heavily interfered by the Government.
I can’t even trust the highly hyped infrastructure in Ethiopia. We only hear, and read one side of the story.


I like. If you got to do something you gotta do it right.

Perhaps you could be more persuaded if you understand that most of what comes out of Ethiopia as news is mostly reported to us by foreign broadcasters! The language barrier and the curtailed reportage environment by the government is what makes their press unpopular anywhere outside of Ethiopia.


Hey guys,

I am an Ethiopian. Please feel free to ask anything you’d like and I will be more than happy to give you my assessment. But, please spare us with snub attitude that you guys have. There are so many things that you guys are better than us. There also so many things that we are doing a bit better. I have been to Nairobi and I know Kenyans a free willing people with amazing entrapranurial skills… You have to take it easy a bit, with your condencending attitude that seems very much prevelant, when you speak to almost all of your neighbors. Asante Sana… :wink:


We really don’t know much about Ethiopia… In the future i’d like to go on a kamuaring spree (trip) there, is english popular there or peeps talk in local languages?





You are wrong about us Kenyans being condescending towards our neighbors, mate! Very wrong, especially if you are describing our attitude towards Ethiopia and Ethiopians! We respect Ethiopians very much, and I think you have no reason for harboring that kind of sentiments!

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Actually, the sources that you may have (non Ethiopian sources) are biased against Ethiopia, because the western media is not so much fond of the development models of Ethiopia.

Here are some pictures of the projects that you said you heard only one sided stories. Some projects may have their own flaws, I will have no problem to discuss the flaws, f we keep the discussion civil.

Woldiya Stadium (north Eastern Ethiopia)
Hawassa Stadium (Southern Ethiopia)
Railway tunnel (Awash Weldia line connecting Eastern and north Eastern Ethiopia, being built by Turkish)
Railway tunnel (Weldiya Mekelle) connecting Eastern part of the country to Northern part of the country
Awash weldiya Mekelle railway to be Inagurated late 2017.

Station on Bishoftu town for the finished Ethiopia Djibouti line to start working in September.

Sebeta (right outside of Addis) station for Addis Djibouti line. (Finished)

[ATTACH=full]46084[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]46085[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]46086[/ATTACH]


I smell mugfull mdanganyifu somewhere on this thread!


Hey man,

We would love to have you. English is spoken mostly by the urban elite fluently. The country’s national language is called Amharic. It is a Semetic language that has it’s own alphabets. If you speak Hebrw or Arabic, you probably can recognize some cognates when you hear Amharic. In south western of the country, people also speak Afan Oromo. A Cushitic language that is also spoken in the Borena community in Kenya. But Amharic is a langua Franca of the country. In up North Tigrigna also is a main language, as well as in Eritrea (formerly part of Ethiopia) Tigrigna is also a Semetic language that shares alphabet with Amharic and if you speak Amharic it is easy to understand and speak it and vise versa. Amharic and Tigrigna share over 60% of their vocabularies… Still if you stay in urban centers you can get by with English with those, who will provide you services…



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