Kenyan Universities Security.

Good evening Elders,how can we help in averting a Garrisa University Kind of attack from ever happening again in Kenya?I know many will bash me but I am ready.
In my course of work,I have travelled over many Universities and the security precautions put are either very very poor or even non existent…The only public University you’ll say is a bit concious is maybe KU in their main gate and maybe Egerton though this days the xray machine doesn’t work despite the gate gobbling up 70m.
The worst University in terms of Security is PUEA,Karatina,Moi,Maseno,Machakos,Tum,Murang’a,MMU,UoN and Kisii in that Order…Chuka,Kibabii,JOUST and JKUAT ,DEKUT,Kirinyaga are just other sitting ducks…I gave entered all of them and strolled on foot,with just a half interested frisk or no frisk at all…No ID,no nothing, just Enter and exit,where they ask,you just say you are going to the Admissions or The Finance offices and you are good to Go.
Despite presence of police officers,most of them who are either on phone all time,or just bickering or strolling around,no situational awareness.
Night times are the worst,between 6pm and 730pm they are overwhelmed by the number of students and they only become a bit strict after 8pm…
Morning hours,between 430am and 7 am they are even less cautious due to the primary and secondary school students and casual workers.
Sneaking Explosives and Guns and ammunition is just a walk in walk out affair,no K9 units…The moment shit happens, we will lose more than 500 students at a go in one University…[ATTACH=full]475456[/ATTACH]

Truee so many Kenyan universities huwa hivo but is it universities alone ama you’re focusing on only that due to the Garissa incident…looking around from slums, other learning institutions, hospitals hii Kenya si huishi tu kwa neema least to say

Just reintroduce the Moi-era type of CID. Those fellas would mingle with students but wako kazi mbaya. By coordinating with Anti-terror unit, hakuna kitu that will happen within the institution without their prior knowledge. In case of any attack, it will be squashed immediately since the civilian-clothed detective will be armed, spread in every part of the school and very many.

Am focusing on Universities as that’s the area I am well versed in,plus the high concentration of students at any one time making a large and good target(Hostels,Mess,Pavilions) and students are arrogant and ignorant too,they have a false sense of security.

How many threads will you start about this topic?

Exactly. You are talking now…The students are just sitting ducks…One day in a seminar I made a joke about us being shot by armed militants at Karatina University and they told me that is a dream,that Alshabab can’t come to Nyeri(They think Alshabab is just those somalis).

Technology confusions man.My bad.

Hawa kazi yao ilikua kufinya makende ya pro democracy students. No real security work was being done by these people.

Plus that time Alkebab was not that Active.

My guess is this is already happening was in uni some 3-4 yrs back na a rumour started that the institution maybe attacked hizo rumours huwa si tu hivo intelligence huanzisha such rumours

Sijasema waanze tena kufinya finya watu. I simply said that the strategy should be reapplied in tackling alkebaab. They would penetrate deeply into every sphere of the university, and you as a civilian would never get to know.

You are forgetting highschools, some with over 2000 students and only one main entry/exit add a perimeter wall, little to know emergency training. The focus is so much on stopping students from sneaking out that other security issues come second.

Exactly…the only schools I have seen guards with K9 units are Alliance Girls and Karima Girls only…

Very many?? How many per each school??

Alliance girls. True they even have cops there unless they manage to hire the same cops every time we have meetings

The police there are from CIPU,institutions can request to have them attached to their premises.Nowadays they even have camps inside universities…Like Egerton and Chuka have Those Quarters and they have like 10 officers so they take shifts day and night. 2 at a go.

Niliskia in every class, lazima kungekuwa na CID amejieka tu, na even upto 5 informers. Police state kind of thing, but very effective in tackling terror.

Al Shabaab no longer have the resources nor the incentive for such large scale attacks

Westgate attack can happen any time because our mall security is shiit

Buda boss. U can’t beat the current Intel network that is supported and powered by the West. Prior info is all that is needed uone boots on the ground in minutes. Ni hayo tu kwa Sasa