Kenyan thugs never cease to amaze.

How on earth do you take over someone’s home for a week stealing, wining and dining?

They were experiencing something new and it went to their heads. Maybe they were living in squalid conditions and they were bamboozled by that place.


That’s common occurrence in same quater. Executed mostly by senior highschool and college kids, and in some rare occasions homeless people.
Just scout houses in posh neighborhood which the owner are out on vacation, business trip or wherever, u move in for a few days, especially weekend, then you hold a bash. Just to feel the posh life.
Happens alot also in these posh hotels.

Ile episode ya Mr. Robot where Darlene and her crew occupied keja ya yule lawyer while she was away and used it as their hacking base

With an absentee owner add to it snobbish attitudes some people generally have, the incident was likely bound to happen.

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Hawa ni kama kurogwa

They also caught fish from the man’s fish pond wakakula na ugali

reminds me of the nakuru ones who raped one of their victims, akachukua number baadaye akaomba date…

I know that word from speeches of mzito Malcolm X.



They paid the local OCS to do all this…