Kenyan social "nudity" exposed by curious American tourist

The man posting this video seems to be on a personal therapy session of sorts. Kind of a sad expose of Kenya’s chronic soft underbelly. You be the judge

Clout chasing. Now the whole of yunaires steits think we live like sardines in a tin can. Pseudo gringos wa kijiji wanatoboa aje huko?

Ni black american , kama ingekuwa mzungu it wld be for sinister reasons bt I think huyu jamaa is highlighting africa’s problems that need fixing. NGO’s zimejaa kibera bt huyu jamaa has done more than all of them by posting showing this…hana ubaya


Unadhani for 60 years, ni picha gani NGOs wamekuwa wakituma abroad for fundraising? Za smooth roads and grandiose houses?

Don’t be naive.