Kenyan singo matha killed by an old guka in Seattle

Singo matha from Kiambu relocated to the US. After washing tunyanyes for long, she fell in love with a mzungu who promised her soft life. The mzungu killed her probably after fwaking in all the body openings( ears and nostrils included) Hata @patco Ameshindwa kusaidia hapa

wapi capote

Where is [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]@Purple [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]?

Singo matha was put out of her misery

@TrumanCapote pause interracial porno, ng’oa heavy duty high density industrial vibrator kwa 3phase socket na funika chupa yako ya 10kg wholesale lubrication for industrial use
alafu kuja ona hii

@TrumanCapote Kapondi kuja hapa haraka. Shenzi kabisa!



These are very close family friends. Heshimu marehemu


Oya @patco ,kam utuambie vile kulienda

Man she is someones mother or daughter respect her even in death


Shame on you

@TrumanCapote come see your white saviors.

Maliza kabisa.