Kenyan schools full of pullsit

Is it the hair inasoma?

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Hizo ndume Kwanza should be charged with indecent touching of a minor. Hii ni upuzi sana . If a teacher is tempted by hair of a juvenile they should be castrated and interdicted


Used to keep an afro in school. Teachers on duty would sometimes shave an X on top of my head to force me to bring it down but I’d stay with that X mpaka nirudi home. Sometimes I would suffer even three Xs within the term! There was no way I’d shave nikiwa shule.


There’s no child safe guarding in these shityy schools .
Where I teach, the two men would have been summarily dismissed. Too much energy spent on non issues.


watu wa international schools hatuna mashida kama hizi

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What is happening here. Why is her mother letting those two men touch her hair.

one parent one panga. injury to rogue teachers is injury to the devil.


Wale watu wa “it builds discipline/character/toughness” bado hawajafika. Anyway these antics were just used by sadistic teachers to humiliate students. Like the disc/bone given to students who spoke in vernacular.

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Why y’all assuming babake si mmoja wao. He could be one of the men for all we care. Halafu huyo mumama ni mamake.

Maybe we are being baited and gaslighted. Over and out.

Kama shida ni nywele mbona fudhi hazinyolewi pia.

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Adults bullying an adolescent. Walimu saa zingine hunishangaza sana. Sijui ni kukaanishana na watoto mpaka wanaanza kufikiria kama watoto ama shida huwa gani


Its gaslit, not gaslighted.

Those cornrows are not allowed in the school. They remove it or go back home with their kid.

What’s wrong with them. Why they not allowed?

Yea. Hiyo. You are doing that to us. Without giving the context of the photo, you are hoodwinking well meaning folk to support your war against the african man.

Kuna dem kwa games nikiwa highschool nilijaribu kufinger, fudhi zilifanya niabort mission, ilikua ni kama kujiforrce kwa shamba limemea kwekwe tena refu saidi

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African man ameingilia wapi hapa? Ati war against the African man!!!

School rules. No explanation given.

All the parents need to say is that their religion doesn’t allow shaving.

How do they differentiate between small corn rows and large ones.