kenyan rock................

Thank God its friday wapi mafans wa xfm when it was XFM…?

Yeeeee simply Tomas

Nice. Its under the sea

That Chepchumba song is kick ass. It’s my first time hearing it. Top-notch production quality and all the instruments are enunciated clearly.

pitia pale youtube uwapatie like na kacomment hey normally reply…no harm in appreciating our own!

I salute you for including 20 More Days, my childhood bestfriend. Very nice tunes there [emoji108]

Wow…good music right there. That Maisha song…

This is good. I rarely listen to our own because of poop and urine in most kenyan musicians, but this guys are worth listening to. I’ll pay attention to them

Sweet soft rock. That chepchumba song is the bomb.

How and where can you buy a cassette which isn’t PIRATED…


Rudi 1986 VS.:smiley: