Kenyan restaurant in DC sued for wage theft



Good! They are trying to bring vumbinista mentality hapa majuu…it doesn’t work! :star_struck:


Waiter wa Swahili village analipwa the same na waiter wa McDonalds na KFC?

Fast food restaurants are self-service, bro…No tips

Waiters do get at least 15% of the bill in tips

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You don’t tip at fast food joints. You only tip at restaurants, cafes and hotels

So mshahara ni moja minus tips?

Salary ni kando na tips. All companies are required to remit all tips paid to waiters without holding back anything.

Niko sure wanalipa msee wa kupika Chapo 2 dollars per day ama apeane mkia aongezwe ifike 5 dollars

wamepeleka ubonobo kwa wenyewe

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I read their meals are expensive, is it true?

For what they offer, they are extremely expensive. You can get better meals from Mexican restaurants for a decent price. Sometimes hii stori na kusupport watu wa nyumbani huwa BS juu most of them are scammers with their outrageous prices.


Wewe don’t compare Kenyan food vs TacoBell.

Wewe don’t compare Kenyan food vs TacoBell. Different class.