Kenyan Politics Series (S01;EP01): The Definition of Kenyan Politician

Intro: This will be a series of small episodes running for 3 seasons.

You need to understand the Kenyan politician in order to understand the game that goes around here. Pose the following to any Kenyan: “Would you invest KES 2M in a business that you know before-hand will yield zero ROI?” He/she will quickly answer with a NO and maybe even say, “that is stupid.”

These same Kenyans will complain that politicians only care about themselves and their relatives and ignore the true concerns of the country. These noisemakers are everywhere today: on the evening news, in churches, in work convos, on social media, etc. These are nothing but naive people who don’t understand the game. What do you expect to happen when you have someone campaigning for a presidential position for over 7 years, and spending billions of cash while at it, to do when he/she gets the vote? Recoup back his cash as quick as possible and reap into the profits.

The Kenyan politician is simply a businessman who is a reflection of any Kenyan: full of envy, selfish, public display of righteousness, tribal, etc. This is why Kenyan men are consistently cucked by foreign men (esp. Nigerians) in their own country.

Bonus Tip: The reason WSR hired that many CASs is to minimize opposition. Those ‘un-elected’ politicians would have joined RAO in his protests or worse, getting into Uhuru’s payroll to make noise.

Next episode trailer: How the Kikuyu Elite Plays…

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Buying/handshake na raila would have sorted 90% of his probs in my humble opinion.

Ama unasema ruto ni dunder? Ni deni inalipwa tu na ku mobilise watu wa mkono ku monitor the ground.