Kenyan Police

After this tragedy of these Kianjokoma brothers and it hits home because I lived in Embu for a couple of years, my big bro, my cousins and my dad have lived in Embu. It’s such a peaceful place to live though a little chilly and waembu are very lovely people. I just can’t wrap my mind around this tragedy.

I was watching their poor mother and my heart just sank to my stomach, you can feel the pain physically when you hear her wails. I have never seen anything like this in my long life.

When this curfew business begun people were being whipped with nyahunyos that left marks. Why not just whip someone?Whipping a skinny person with a burton mostly on the head is insane.

Are the people in our police force OK in the head or are they possessed because this kind of physical violence is not normal at all. I heard that there’s alot of violence in Kiganjo to the extent of some recruits dying, I don’t know how true it is but there’s no way a sane person can clobber 2 kids to death or like baby Pendo a 6 months old baby. Do you know how small a 6 months old baby is? A grown man lifting a burton and hitting a 6 months old baby with it? You need to be possessed to even think of such a thing let alone actually doing it.

Our cops have very serious psychological problems and instead of addressing them and setting protocols to reign in their excess, all the powers that be do is to turn a blind eye to this madness unless there’s public outcry like that of these two handsome Ndwiga brothers.

I know police brutality is everywhere but 6 men bludgeoning 2 boys to death or a 6th month old baby is just on another scale of depravity that sends chills down my spine. Our cops are no different from serial killers who get a rush from killing. You can really inflict pain with out breaking a single bone. Were the 6 just mobbing these boys then they realized that they were dead or did they intend to kill them after robbing them of the day’s earnings? I mean even if they were alive they would have done nothing about it because there was no evidence that the cops robbed them. So were they killing these kids to avoid robbery allegations or why would they arrest other people and book them into the cells but leave with the Ndwiga bros or were they already dead when the cops went to book the other curfew violaters? I can’t wait to see their faces. See what the face of evil looks like.

Anyway, I guess I will just have to accept the fact that I don’t understand the world that I live in anymore.


Once the masses are pushed against the wall for a long time & get fed up with police brutality, they will retaliate.

Let the police change their approach or face the long term accumulated anger and revenge from Raia.

@admin create a Crime and Security forum. the discussions in it will help create a better country. There are highly trending security pages on facebook, most security organizations have twitter handles etc because the online demand for security informationa and solutions is very high in this country. bring on board a lawyer or security specialist to moderate the page and leak some things. what happened to @Kirwa? where’s the boring and high-nosed @panmba? try it. your site should not just be for lanye coordinates and tumesalimiana etc. people can get security alerts the way meria mata used to forward accidents alerts on route A109. etc. people can use the forum to try get free but useless legal advice from talkers. etc

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One of the major problems we have with the police is inability to separate personal feelings against duty and law, this combined with some cheapness and greed is their biggest un-doing.

Why would a police officer beat someone to death because of curfew hours ? you may think that if I break curfew restrictions i have personally hurt him… they cannot separate these issues, this is the reason police really get pissed off when you tell them “nipeleke kotini”… because in their mind they should be judging you on the streets.

One of the reforms needed in the police force is the hiring process, you cannot hire D grade and expect them to be leaders of other D grades.

we need to separate the hiring of the leadership/management roles from the normal service men. Like it happens in the KDF.