Kenyan Police now arresting people who indoors for not wearing masks

This Corona is really exposing the dark underbelly of the KPS


A good police officer is a dead one. May corona kill all of them and may those who survive carry it in their balls to later sire sic chinese brats like they are

You didn’t lie

Any new law is a pay rise for police

Mimi sinanga heshima ya polisi by the way…they are cheap bastards not worth being called “utumishi kwa wote”… police reforms have failed…
I lost respect for the police when some idiot we had a sqable with went and paid 300 to some 2 officers, promising them more after i got arrested coz they thought i would apparently bribe my way out… it was a stupid issue and had no legal backing…

What is the difference between such and the Mungiki??? 300 shs …we are bleeding a criminal enterprise here

Manze skiza hii story…very sad

No wonder many of them live a miserable life, especially when they retire.