Kenyan Police Investigate Slain BBC Reporter's Death In Nairobi

Police in Kenya have launched an investigation after a BBC staff member was found dead in the capital Nairobi.
Kate Mitchell, a British national who worked for BBC Media Action in a number of African countries, died on Friday.
BBC Media Action is the corporation’s international charity, and its projects focus on using media and communication to address inequality around the world.
It is not thought Ms Mitchell’s death at a hotel in the city was connected to her work for the organisation.


And while the exact circumstances of her death remain unclear, police told local media they were investigating it as a murder and exploring possible motives.
“The suspected culprit… jumped off the eighth floor of the hotel through the room’s window after sensing that the hotel security might be after him,” Nairobi regional police commander Augustine Nthumbi told reporters.
Ms Mitchell most recently worked for BBC Media Action’s office in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.
“We are all shocked and horrified by this terrible news,” BBC Media Action CEO Caroline Nursey said in a statement.
"Kate was a much-loved member of staff, who worked as a Senior Project Manager and had been with us for fourteen years. She was well known across our whole organisation, especially by our teams in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zambia, and London.
“We send our deepest condolences to her family and her many friends around the world,” she added.

Did he die ? D minus itaondolewa na bazungu hawawezani na hii investigeshen. But i cant wait for the brits to go up in arms looking to convict while vumbistan is waiting for conviction of the british army guy that murdered a singo matha last month

British soldiers killed a Kenyan woman ten years ago in Nanyuki and there has been no conclusive investigation up to now. But maraya moja beberu ukikufa they rush to investigate?!

LAST Month?

9 Years ago ndio last month?

Kenyan cops ni maumbwa. They haven’t investigated yet but they are already treating it as a murder.

Alafu heri wavunjike wakikimbia to solve a murder ya mzungu while there are so many open cases in Kenya. Do we have a shortage ya detectives ama?

So you want to say the lady strangled herself and so was a suicide not murder? Also which are these “many open cases” that detectives have not solved?

huyo betamale alikuwa mwafrika ama ?

but hapa naona a Cartel like killing of journalists with dossiers . then waka set up huyo betachieth

Haya basi ,tufanyeje kwa hio correction ,its nine years ago. Happy now?