kenyan police DW documentary

Hawa vijana wanaambiwa wa reform wanakataa sasa ni kuweka parents grief when hessy catches up to them

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What do they expect. You vote kleptomaniacs into power then expect them to take on their colleagues in a civil way? if people can never make out the connection between the government they put in power and how they live, then its unfortunate. Pity from other people wont help.

Then that video says that 20-50 bodies are brought in daily killed by police. later says 10 people are killed everyday. Githeri, much?
That aside, in a society like ours thats the only way we can live. there is no other way to keep the wretched and the miserable from eating the kleptos and the hapless well to do caught in between alive, but by the muzzle of a gun (walking dead?). its a battle of the classes and not a simple “cop against street hustler.”