Kenyan Passport Printer is BROKEN!

Nabii has said that you will not, shall not and cannot run away from this country during these turbulent times.

Alisema for better and for worse lazima uvumilie kuwa Mkenya. The passport printing machine is broken, says Nyayo house. We know it’s an order from above.



We are just a Shithole country.


BTW i am surprised Kenia prints her own passports. Hii itaendelea hivi upate iko tendering itafanywa ya “a private entity to provide the service”, but the entity will just be one of our tenderpreneuers ! They might even be using the same equipment.

As a more developed nation in EA we should be well past such nonsense but the leaders we choose and systems in place take us back to caveman days

Its very difficult to believe some of these things.
The dci machines that do the police clearance also broke down a while back.its taking about 2months to get police clearance certs.Very unbelievable!