Kenyan parents should Boycott taking their Kids through CBC. Why invest heavily in unproven education system where the kid will remain jobless.

CBC is no different from 844 . The government is blaming unemployment on 844. Whereas it fails to deal with real issue to improve economy. Kenya main problems are overpopulation, corruption and failure to indusrilise the country. Hi ya education Ni hewa Moto.

wachana na joblessness. the thing you should be worried about is that the government is actively and forcefully dumbing down the population through that cbc shit.

nimegundua Kenyans don’t give a shait about their kids
chek the comments kwa ii thread

Badala ya hii CBC-copy and paste systemnza majuu, wangeongeza tu optional subjects kama music,art and craft,Electricity,tailoring,farming,carpentry,dhobi,cook.Alafu waweke mandatory local artisans and business men come every month to inspire the kids…practically.

The Overlords have a great plan for your kids.

Homeschool ukiingisha ka youngin 3yrs football academy ligi ndogo pale ngong road by 7yrs wakienda tourna Europe unapigiwa Simu unaambiwa kijana ameenda trials Barca na harudi. Sit back, relax and watch the money coming in:D:D

Homeschool might be a better option

Hata ukiboycott, employment opportunities are created by economic policy not education systems. You may have the best education systems but if there are no jobs in the economy hakuna kitu mtafanya.

CBC nonsense is the dumbest most ridiculous and harmful thing UhuRuto did and it’s not even close. How this stupidity actually came to be implemented is mind boggling. Na si kusema 844 haikuwa na shida but CBC is just a new set of problems…

Is Kenya overpopulated?

I agree, wamerudisha what sisi watu tulifanya seven subjects tulifanya, ghc, art, craft and music, and home science Alafu wakaita CBC

Cbc is complete nonsense my daughter is joining this grade 7 after doing that kpsea exam… Results unatumiwa na shule you can’t access by yourself…shule unaambiwa uniform ni mpya blazer cheapest ni 4500 unaitishwa 2 hauja buy vitabu…total bs…as I said the gap between the rich and poor is too big and cbc is making it wider

Agree. Your kids watasukuma wilbaro for the rest of their lives mpende msipende.

CBC ni upuss kabisa, wanataka ku train watu wa mikono. Kuna clip niliona watoto wanajifanya wanauza kwa soko :D:D wamekuwa mama mboga, vijana wanajifanya ma driver na makangas. Upuss.
Unaskia teacher anesema watoto wapelekwe garage na wapigwe picha wakiwa chini ya gari wakijifanya wanaunda gari.
Ile inijazz watoto waliambuwa wakuje na kuku, wachinje na wapike. Walimu walikula minofu…

we should learn to accept the realities of the world.

Watu wamezeeka kwa hii thread kunanuka vumbi. Shenzi hizi adapt or die hiyo ndiyo njia ya dunia. 844 is a proven failure of a system literal millions of students have been left to their own means since its introduction. I approve of this new experimental system

:D:D:Dndio kama mi ni mzee lakini kuwa mpole…this is a serious thread …findings and conclusions napelekea JSKS personally

That’s the truth. I heard that in the 70s people were getting employed

I heard that in 70s people were employed as tellers with form four certificate. in 2010 people could be employed as BOM secondary school teachers with just a degree in any field. Today without TSC number you cannot get employed even as primary school teacher. Tough times ahead.

I shudder to imagine 10-20 years from now.

Things are bad. Overpopulation.