Kenyan online shops

Some time last week i decided to get a phone battery for Samsung note 4 (Najua hii ni phone ya peasant). Well after some searches i got one in Jumia online plat form. Jana i finally received it but it was as dead as a dodo. It couldnt charge no matter how i tried. Just wondering are there quality checks and regulatory measures that GOK has put in place so that Kenyans dont fall for such scams.[ATTACH=full]212878[/ATTACH]

[SIZE=7]Cheap[/SIZE] is [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=1]EXPENSIVE[/SIZE]

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=4]Always remember that…[/SIZE]

I got one freom Jumia na haikukaaa…had to get one from ebay…

Ukipata refund call io number watakusort.
Computer springs +254726264409

There are also counterfeit goods on Jumia. A workmate bought an HTC phone akapata its counterfeit

jumia skuizi hua natumia tu kuangalia price ndo nisigongwe ,buying is only at a physical shop

Its turning out to be another OLX

Phones just buy at Avechi. Pricing is good plus this is their forte i.e. they do not use merchants to supply the phones. They actually own and stock the phones they sell to you. Alternatively you can buy at their shop

Quality and checks do not exist in Kenya just so you know. The government and its agencies , are accomplices in exploiting the citizens.
Be cautious , online shopping isn’t very practical here, with the kugongana mentality .

kama manufacturer ako na Official shop Jumia buy huko, otherwise utaumia juu ni 3rd party sellers. Jumia hawezi make kuangalia quality ya hizo vitu zote

Hahahaha. Hata mimi huitumia tu kuangalia bei ya commodities. Buying online issa no for senior chifu. Kununua vitu ni physical shop, bargain lazima na receipt naandikiwa for future reference. Fossils way.

Hii ilikuwa ya kwanza na mwisho. Sitajaribu tena

hahaha. the only thing I ever bought at jumia is an iron box and it is because i was redeeming a certain coupon…halafu kuna ninja zinabuy coomer online :D:D:D

Hope you’d remembered to remove the sticker normally placed on the terminals, else you might have overlooked that hehehe.

I’ve observed that cheap people with cheap mentality (cheap not frugal) always have “bad luck” when spending. It’s not about online shopping.

Wazimu tupu!

Lesson learnt bitter way.

Apparently it did not have it, this was my first red flag

Jumia si mbaya a friend of mine bought a phone there na hio simu iko sawa let’s not demonize a company because of one bad experience