kenyan online peer to peer markets olx, pigia me et al

How safe are these markets when doing transactions Online? have you had any bad experience while using this markets and what major improvements would you want to see?

wakati nlitolewa gun pale muthaiga ndo niliachana na olx

Most ni scams but some, very legit. So long as mnapatana place public. Alafu pale OLX, jaribu kuangalia history ya vitu ame post previously… It tells a lot

leta Hekaya kwani what were you buying ?

muthaiga kwanza manze I though muthaiga is such an open place ama mulikuwa muna meet kwa kichaka…?

There are genuine people on OLX I sell and buy many stuff there.
When selling usitumie your day to day simcard mkipangana kumeet insist on pesa Kwa mpesa after deal iko settled asikutumie endeni wote Kwa mpesa mwambie atoe na muachanie hapo.
When buying esp phones insist on receipt kama haiko insist on id photocopy. Alafu mwambie pesa unaweka mpesa majina za mpesa lzm ziambatane na photocopy ya id. Alafu immediately forward hio mpesa msg to about 3 of your friends.
When deciding meeting point acha yeye achague but change meeting place the last minute usually town ndo poa ata kama mnaishi neighborhood moja mwambie uko na shughuli mpatane town


Very true. I’ve traded many times with olx. Only once was I almost conned but thank God I was buying through olxpay