Kenyan Media are hypocrites

After Moi has been buried, that’s when Kenyan media is talking of the bad things that Moi did.

I’m sure somebody by the name Gideon will see the headlines and call his brother Uhuru to do something about it.

Our judges have jailed so many innocent young men for life, and nobody is talking.

Njoki Ndung’u has destroyed the future of many young men.

Enough of sanitizing Moi.
That’s bold from the Nation for telling it like how it was.
If he was a dictator and brutal murderer let it be said so and not be lied to by those keen on rewriting history.

Am sure gideon is smarter than this


This is good.

Kila mtu alimuogopa Moi hii Kenya apart from Miguna Miguna and I. Cartel Media

Majaluo na Makikuyu ndio maliumia zaidi na ndio wameshindwa kushikana wajenge nchi.Mkale bado ako katikati yao akienjoy freedom brought by their struggles.

Wangeweka hio exposé kitambo ama as always,media is shiet, hapana piga mutu akiwa chini

the truth at last! and our dear politicians were busy exclaiming the virtues of moi, and how they are his students…wait, that last bit they spoke the truth

Yako kamkamba kako hapo Na magunia…kalikufa au kangali hai

But you have not only defended those despots but also declared your unwavering support during each and every electioneering period. :mad::mad:

You’d have to try really hard to be as bad a leader as moi ever was. Ata kwa mazishi yake the only thing everyone was talking about ni iyo quote ya kusameheana. This sideways asshole literally left no legacy in his name. Vitu basic kama ability ya ku own gari izo days nakumbuka ilikuwa reserved only for the very well off in society. Stima ilikuwa ni ndoto leave alone internet access. Major highways zilikuwa mashimo tupu. Safari ya Nairobi to Nakuru ilikuwa inapangwa weeks in advance. Hakukuwanga na jam juu ata magari hazikuwa. Job watu walikuwa wanaingia 10am wanatoka 2pm juu ata kazi yenyewe hakuna. Kenyans forget a lot how far we’ve come from the dungeon. The economy was on its knees, loans were only accessible to civil servants and a few successful business owners. Business was an almost impossible task to start and run.Nowadays we see entrepreneurs rising from every corner of this country. You don’t even have to visit any office to Start a sole proprietorship company unaeza anzisha biashara ukiwa bedroom na boxers.

my unwavering support has always been to whoever has the highest chance of keeping the greater evil away.

Who is the great evil Raira?

ukweli mtupu buda…may he never have peace!!Kenyans are a simplictic society.I dont know where we got our mindset from.If Uhuru won in 2002 i promise you Thika road would have been a farm !back then we only had only two tv stations.KTN was for the "rich"the rest of us were subjected to KBC where we were fed daily on Mois shity development

githeri media what do you expect mtu wanaeza piga sahii ni Ruto tu

People like you shouldn’t complain about moi
Moi kept raila away
Ruto ,according to you,Will do the same

Kama shida yako Ni raila tuu…don’t complain,Just be happy moi jailed him

You talk as if kenya has reached a second world state,hakuuuna,ata mupatiwe nani kama president ,you aint going anywhere. We’ve just jumped from a sheet hole to a bigger pile of sheet.Those chest thumpers anti-moi are the ones making money now in sheetloads ,i assume you call them entrepreneurs ,and the rest of you …are just drummer boys tubiashara tudogo tudogo. Badala mshughulike na yajayo all you think of is how scrots were cracked and no cars and internet [SIZE=1]wait! what?[/SIZE] Anyway,dont blame one man for the woes of a country,he was in cahoots with everyone’s kin of today we call moguls,tycoons,and fatcats

Luckily, you are not the controller of complaints. That’s why I’ll complain about anyone including ruto after I elect him. You just have to bear it nani