Kenyan man beats up racist Chinese man

Dont know if this is true or not …but those ghaseers pale SGR are really racist

Old video from Zambia

Wa hio kofi niya kilo ! not even some rhino horn garnished tiger dick soup with side plate of shark fin in an elephant ivory bowl will heal that chinks pride !

The naijas almost a year ago claimed it was a Kenyan, maybe they can’t tell the difference south of the equator

Boss kwani which arse had u stuck ur head in? This video ni ya before Moi atombe Lorna

either way, alijua hajui.

Hehehehe. Not even if he adds a few testicles from enraged African honey badgers into the broth plus the warm bile of a Tasmanian devil? That won’t jolt his pride any?

Hadi anamtoa nje ndio amchape kofi vizuri. Unobstructed by cheap Chinese crap. He wanted to murder the poor chap by might of slap. Hio ni attempted murder. Fufu VS noodle power.


Chapa ghasia, although that was not in Kenya.

Wakenya wanaweza chapa mtu kweli?

That is a naija type of slap.

Hasa mtu wa kutoka Asia au Ulaya, hawawezi chapa.

Yeah and and dehornize his girlfriend!!