Kenyan lesbians marries

The American crusade for homosexuality is finally hitting home. Every damn series or movie nowadays seems to have a gay scene or story line or character. It’s their way of selling it to us and it seems to be working. Take a look at Cyprian Nyakundi’s tweet. [ATTACH=full]158690[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]158690[/ATTACH]

Hehe, the Kisii community has instructed Nyakundi to steer the country’s attention away from the recent baby stealing scandal.
Every hot blooded male will tell you lesbians form a big part of their sexual fantasies. It’s the male sewage stirrers that we should be persecuting. Focus!!!

Wacheni kujifanya you guys watch porno with lesbians lakini ukiskia wanaoa mnawakashifu

Btw I love searching, mature ebony lesbian/granny lesb porn pale xvideos or xhamster especially when all alone in my empire on Sundays, It tickles my fancy when it comes to nduthi Sunday. Pull up nigga.

GAY people in this thread. wacha nitoke inje niwangoje huko.

i used to wank to tranny porn .

kabati kwisha

Wadau mkipata mke kwa kitanda na mwanamke mwingine wakikulana what would you do…chances are most of you will set conditions

I only support the L and the B in the LGBT movement.

What of the G? Hujawai taka kuwa na a gay guy as a friend. I hear women love them.

Oh yeah . I know a gay Alpha. He is ok…he is not showy.

You do know that the B also applies to men and it’s disgusting that way?

1/2 B then? But in the end ,Kila mtu aishi maisha yake, Yes?

That’s more like it. A man with another man disgusts me on screen, in real life it would probably make me need therapy