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A Kenyan lady posted on Facebook of how she’s regretting dumping her man who was broke and couldn’t support her financially only to meet him years later married and financially settled

A Kenyan lady took to Facebook recently to confess a “mistake” she did in her previous relationship.

Going by the name Vanessa Wanjiku, she posted online how she regrets dumping her boyfriend who was broke despite the fact that he loved her.

[B]“Years ago, I dumped my then boyfriend because he was damn broke,” she says in the post.

“He loved me but I needed financial help which he couldn’t afford. Lately, we have been meeting almost weekly in town when going to our businesses.[/B]

She went on to add that the ex-boyfriend is now rich and settled.

“I learned this week that he drives an S class Mercedes Benz, his wife has a Lexus and he lives in Syokimau in his house. While I drive an IST (old model) and still leave in a rented house.”

Stories to gain attention. That is a typical “look at me” bitch


Sounds like a script from a Naija movie.

In her fucking face!! Hapana tambua gold diggers!!



kwani according to her a man is an atm?

Vanessa Wanjiku. No surprises here

@wonderful wonder ile hekaya yako si utumalizie leo

Mambo yahitaji kuwa welfare…

This ‘leave’ would still have made him leave her eventually

They are heading to shafting. The guy should use gumboots LA sivyo mtoto atabarikiwa

Uchokozi wa nini?

yaani kuuliza hekaya imalizwe ni uchokozi?

malizia hekaya nyangau. Kutoka Aga Khan mrienda river road kunyanduana ama? Snitch