Kenyan kindness is funny

This morning I am an angry Kenyan. The cause is hypocritical Kenyans. In the last 2 days Morris a street kid has hit the limelight for being articulate and relatively aware of his situation. If you can hear the aaaaws and oooohs you would think you are in Calcutta and everyone is Mother Teresa. But look at us. Society imeenda to the dogs. Corruption, abortion, murder, manslaughter through things like drunk driving or recklessness is in the news everyday. Capitalism imefika stratospheric levels. Even in hospitals pesa ndio kusema.
Morris came to the streets from a broken home. If you are not ready to commit and settle into raising a family, do not bring a child into the world. If things get tough, hang in there just do not release a kid into the concrete jungle to fend for him/herself. Let us be less selfish.
Take home points.

  1. Charity begins at home. Do not leave the neighbour’s kids hungry and jump online to show compassion for Morris. If a family member is suffering, help them out. Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
  2. Start by taking care of the person right next to you. It can be a junior at work, a young person starting out in life, fellow passenger kwa ma3 etc etc. I cannot be sending 5000kshs to Morris’ aid while my intern is starving kwa sababu ata monthly token hapewi or inaibiwa.
  3. Do not be a cunt. May you not oooooh and aaaaaah at cases like Morris’ while even you cannot follow simple traffic rules/ do your f&*^g job etc etc. Slow down at zebra crossings you are not the only taxpayer. If we all do what is right we will have a much better country.
  4. A little less selfishness goes a long way. Be courteous. Nairobians think the more rude you are the more modern you look. Foolishness. Treat your spouse well. Treat your family, neighbour, workmate well etc etc. All good things will create a spiral of well being for all of us.
    Morris is here to remind us that it can all change in an instant. Brookhouse can turn into Ngara underpass. Riara can turn into Nairobi River. Peponi can turn into matopeni. All is vanity.

those mpesa messages are just used as feel good factors by most who send, anatuma lakini mboch hapo analipwa 3k per month na anakulia kwa jikoni chieth


Well said bro. Points to ponder.

na hao ndio unawakuta wanawork kwa NGOs to ‚Äėhelp‚Äô the poor. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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The late great Michael Jackson said it best



Amen mblo…WORD!


Well said.
The publicity reached Sonko and he now want the boy to go to him. I guess there will be an OPPORTUNITY he dreamt of.

Io stories ya kutreat mboch kama second class citizen pisses me of yet this the person responsible for the well being of your child.


True character is how we treat those people from whom we can gain nothing from


most who do that are very short sighted and evil; you leave your one year old kid with this lady that you treat like trash and expect her to treat your kid like an angel, ndio mimi huona hizo sob stories za dame amepost vile mboch amemfanya FB I just pass



Those M-pesa lines majamaa hucome nazo eti oooohh‚Ķhelp sijui nani ako na cancer and they going abroad for treatment(MIND YOU, ITS ALWAYS A CELEB HAPA MASKINI HUFANYIWA SELECTIVELY na kwa bahati nzuri case yao iwe aired plus it will take some time to accomplish‚Ķfurthermore who are they in the society or what do they have to offer)‚ĶHapo siko‚ĶRemember a guy on twitter who said it point blank when some journalist alikuwa akichangiwa‚Ķ‚ÄúI dont stand with ‚Ķwhose gonna stand with the poor?‚ÄĚ and it caused an up roar‚Ķ

That Boy is Just an Isolated Case…Wako wengi wanaongea and think great lakini hakuna mtu hutaka kuwa associated nao leave alone them hoping for a an opportunity…coz wao ni chokora and we so smart to even talk to them…EVEN those who dont talk or have talent…As stupid & Plastered as they are; No one deserves to be in those streets…Humans are just cruel

Thanks for the these…Yote ni Vanity…


I dont like that Morris kid (he reminds me of Morris wa kusarenda, maybe that is why).

Why does the kid think the world owes him OPPORTUNITY? All of us are hustling for opportunities. What has he done that is special to warrant him preferential treatment? My kids are better behaved than this Morris, they dont sniff glue, are neater, speak better English and yet they are not crying for opportunities. They are hustling in their own small ways to build their future. And Morris? He is whining on TV like an angel ati apewe opportunity. Shindwe.

Hio mentality ya Serikali Saidia has to end.

you sound like a mboch mistreat-or.

uko sure umeelewa huyu kijana??? are your kids sleeping on the streets??? come from a broken home???


I tend to think its how we were brought up these days watu wana roho ngumu sana …If is to help then the public must know ndio wasaidie nothing like anonymous donor…Am a grown man but i still give a pregnant or old woman a seat in a matatu and not argue that mbona alipanda gari imejaa…


the effort we put in running away from the truth.
survival for the fittest still applies darwin didnt mince his words.
a human is an animal first everything else second

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Aviator there is nothing like serikali saidia in that kids statement…Just because you and your child were lucky and dint end up on the streets doesnt give you a right to be heartless…wacha kuwa na roho chafu…

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Hio opportunity alikua anasema ni nini kama sio sirkal saidia?

Are my kids lucky to have a home? Nope, it is their right and my responsibility. Hakuna mtoto hana mama yake and those who dont have are in orphanages, not streets. Has anyone ever been denied admission to the many children’s homes that we brag about supporting as part of our CSR every year?

I say this: Kids are in the streets BY CHOICE, not circumstances.

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See above.

True , but believe it or not some house helps are just pyschos , kama ule aliua mtito juzi surely ata tukiassume aliteswa na mdosi wake , kuuma mtoi ? Kumgonga na padlock? Ai

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