Kenyan Instagram influencer dies after cocaine bursts in her stomach

@Azor Ahai said these bitches ain’t no way they are affording Dubai trips without being pimped or being drug mules. @johntez addi gaza msafi ona vitu Nigerians wanafanyia soft life connoisseurs. One day visa maximum.

N/B: South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong where drugs are illegal is also where the dough is thick like hell. Also most of them allow Kenyans to enter visa free. What is preventing you from becoming rich?


Gold worshippers will always risk their lives at the temptation of money.

Hapo sawa zikwa huko in a mass grave nobody cares.

Mbishes love for quick money always end in tragedy.

Chasing the bag as they claim.

High risk high return

The foolish kunguru must have eaten during the flight. Rule 1 when carrying drugs in your tummy. No Eating.

Cabin crew hawaezi kushuku wachanue authorities kwa airport?

Not feasible. Many people will not eat during flights for 1001 reasons besides being pregnant with drugs.

These women will start messing up the visa status of Kenya.Just juzi Kenya got visa on arrival status to S.A then a Kenyan woman was busted on transit through JoBurg

Imagine snorting cocaine that’s been in someone’s rectum bana… :meffi::meffi:

Nilisema Nigerians wakuwe wanapewa 1 week visa pekee

If you are a nyeuthi on those long flights and you dont eat you start getting funny looks from those mastewards.

Huyu anaweza ficha maembe Kwa mkia kama pharmacy

Unhygienic environments where these hard drugs are hidden is a turn off. Let me consume what I produce.

There is this kenyan kunguru whose story appeared on Sunday nation years ago; Nigerian man and woman prayed loudly for one hour before giving her drugs pellets to swallow, then boarded her in a first class flight to Hong Kong from Nairobi and warned her, “under no circumstances should she eat anything”. Kunguru could not take it anymore after 6 hours of watching those fancy first class meals being served non-stop, she chewed a little , the rest is history but survived to serve years in Hong Kong jail.

What a way to go. High on ua supply

Hakuna kazi inaitwa ‘Instagram influencer’ hapa Kenya. Hio ni umalaya tu. Every brand worth it’s name still indirectly hires real actors and actresses for TV adverts.

Nipee Bangi brother

heard she dating a nigerian… spent one week kwa icu