Kenyan influencer partners with shady European company

Mungai Eve amelipiwa all expense-paid trip to Cyprus to conclude a partnership deal with a “Forex company” known as HF Markets. Now what value would a gossip vlogger possibly add to a legitimate financial organization? Haka kaschana kakicheza katadinywa na Cypriot mafia katii. Na vile kalikua kameanza ku-glow, mpaka tumattercore tunaanza kujaa. It would be a shame if it all came tumbling down due to greed. Yaani mtu haezi tosheka na the few hundreds of thousands she earns from YouTube? I hope I’m wrong.

I don’t understand economics lakini maybe they are planning to enter the Kenyan market whatever their product is…

Why not go for other people who are well versed in that line of business? Wanajua followers wa Eve Mungai ni makondoo, na ao ndio target market, bila lube.

Ata ivo, ni vizuri Eve Mungai atengeze pesa kabla siku zake ziishe.

so umesema mamako pekee ndio ako na mali genuine hii dunia. Buana shut the fuck up with your stupidity, let people enjoy their fame in peace [ATTACH=full]464940[/ATTACH]

Wivu itakumaliza. Let people earn their money in peace.

Thankyou !


Legal: HFM Investments Ltd is authorized by the Capital Markets Authority in the Republic of Kenya as a non-dealing online foreign exchange broker with licence no. 155.


@captain obvious stick to buroti mauta mauta and other scamaloids. Eve is actually trying to offer financial liberation to duanzis like yourself who are obsessed with fast easy land investments

Acha shiny eye anukishe kitunguu


mixtape ya hfm investment featuring cma

another one
we tha best

Boss HF markets is actually a very good and reputable company. Do you know how many prominent financial markets traders would jump at the opportunity of working with such a firm??
I think the reason wanatumia that lady is because they need to expand their clientele base and spread the knowledge to as many youths as possible.I used their services for several years before joining institutional trading. Being an analyst and a trader for almost a decade now, I can comfortably recommend them to any retail trader from the emerging markets.

Inakaa forex ndio inawika at the moment. Hata scammers ni story tu ya kutrade in forex mara sijui wakutradie and split profit.
Anyway Wacha anukishe kitunguu while she can. Maximize endorsements while she is still at her prime or rise

I mean, even if you are a retard, which you most certainly are, HFM has been operating in different markets around the world for over a decade. There are no scam reports online on the same. in the era of social media, don’t you think it would be difficult to run a scam for so long to millions of people without raising eyebrows

@captain obvious ni bottom homosexual mijinga

I guess you are one of those retards who believe kama mtu hajasweat siku mzima na akanyonya makende ya muhindi literally sucking dck slurrp slurrp) hajafanya kazi. Lazima akuwe anaibia watu pesa na mtambo. It astounds you that indivuduals can exercise their mental faculties to extract value from the internet. How dumd you must be

Poverty is the enemy, let her earn as much as she can

Mzee wa miaka 46 anaskilia katoto ka 21 years wivu juu kananukisha kitunguu… Lmaooo

:D:D:D:D:D Machungu ya ku-lose election haijaisha?

Uko na wivu kama nyanya mzee mchawi