[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]I just saw this video on TikTok of someone buying an old g wagon which is pretty much a shell for 2.5 million at a auction.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]watu kwa comments wanasema they are planning to use it to strip the Vin/register a new car tax free.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]How does that work? Mtu anichanue bila matusi[/SIZE]

stick to faqin mboches mtaani

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)] Ok[/SIZE]

Tuwekee link ya mamboch

I think the idea is to out bid others. Why? The auction money is not guaranteed. Then the car will be sold at a later date at a throw away price when the initial deal is not honoured


Kwani auctions don’t have measures to prevent reneging winners?? I would assume that this was a common problem when auctions began and they have already solved it.

In most serious transactions, you are locked in with a substantial deposit and a deadline which you lose in the event that you back out of the deal.


I’m not sure but the refundable amount huwa kidogo at times. Saa ingine 25k. My guess is that kuna vile wanacheza hii system

The deposit in this case is 20K, same as the vehicle’s reserve price. That is not high enough to deter dirty games when the item has much higher value. This is a tactic to tire out ‘outsiders’ and the sellers. They will eventually buy the vehicles at the reserve price.

Vile umesema. Huwa kitu kama 20% of the reserve price for you to participate in the auction

Nikipata Citroen CX nanunua ata 5 million

umeiba hadi 5m

Vin strip… Then ship in a G63 as parts from dubai…

Cartel yenye iko uko ni moto apparently ni underhand deals zinapigwa wewe uki outbid iyo 2.5M mwenye aliweka iyo 2.5M asha secure the bag at your expense.

Nah it doesn’t work lilt that. That’s throwing away money. You recall your win, giving up 50k , which is shared between the owner and auction company. They will call the 2nd highest guy and ask him to exercise his bid. If not, the car is relisted. You just donated 50k.