If we really want to fight against diseases like Cancer,we need to have doctors who are trained and passionate on their job.Our current system does not even know about emergency,patients dying is a norm to them.

1.Infant mortality-Traditional midwives were doing a better work than current Obstetrics.Carelessness is at high level both in private and government owned system.Everyone must have read story of Vlogger Chantelle Petit on how she ended up with Fistula.

2.Misdiagnosis. Many cases of cancer misdiagnosis,malaria/meningitis is killings kenyans at an increasing rate.Mention the case of Jimmy gait and many who doesn’t get publicity.

3. NHIF .Due to many corruption issues,NHIF has capped daily medical care to ksh 1000,basically if you have malaria visiting private hospital all the nhif will cater is consultation.

Healthcare is a big scam world wide, the negative services vary from country to country.

walisema Cuba wako sawa;):wink:

your handle is the type that kills

Ours is more of medics incompetence ,corruption and mismanagement .Privatization & devolution of health is killing