seriously yawa Kendrick is still in diapers???

but u have to agree guys Kendrick is the main man now since we can no longer get Andre3k material no more.

@vuja de
As opposed to which other rapper in Kenya with more than that?

There’s no consistent rapper/artiste in Kenya. Their business model is based on making a hit single and living off it for several years. I believe that’s why Kenyan artistes wamesota compared to Tanzanians or Ugandans

@vuja de

I believe it’s much more than that. A combination of bad marketing approaches, Kenyans not listening to their own music, and a fragmented or culturally diverse audience.

The market may be fragmented, but still no artiste makes an effort to build a dedicated fan base.

everyone got their own taste in hiphop…


chapa ilale

fellas sikizeni hii throwback set

don be dissin LAMAR…follow da lyrics

money trees

…try his youtube channel…my fav include

Vile Vuja de amesema… I remember jan 29th i had gone to sportpesa festival na the bambika guy cam and performed bambika a song alitoa nikiwa primo ten years later he still has no other song to show off for. To make it worse he performed it along to Creme playing the song kwa background so his work was just to say uh oh yeah ah oh etc

An artist like Avrill has one song per year and they all sound the same yet she is referred to as on of the biggest female musicians in kenya. The only hardworking people ni guys like akina Muthoni DQ, Wangechi (before her accident) Rabbit. Wengine hata album ama mixtape hawajui ni nini.

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Even Redsan, regarded as the biggest star in Kenya, only releases one song per year. I bet his whole catalogue isn’t enough to fill three albums.

The artiste who had it going on the right track was E-Sir. If he was still alive, I bet with proper marketing his albums could easily have sold over 500,000 copies each time

I dont think the kenyan market buys albums at all.

How do you think gospel artistes make their money

Short codes, “send the word ‘xyz’ to 1234 to get the song”

I meant before the ringtones and downloads era

The value of albums isn’t purely in terms of sales only. It also boosts the artiste’s market value, and he can attract more cash in promotion tours, record-deals and endorsements.
Assuming you can consistently convince 500,000 people to buy your album/singles, commercial companies would notice this and your world would be open to much more opportunities.

How will one go on tour without an album?

There isn’t even one rapper in Kenya who can perform a major concert on his own, leave alone a tour