Kenyan govt to abandon Kenyans in China

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau told a press conference on Friday that the students are “safe where they are” since China is ensuring their safety.
“China is doing a great job protecting our students where they are. All [the students] are taken care of and well. We admire what China has been able to do. However, we are preparing for all contingencies.,” PS Macharia said.

But an association of Kenyan students in Wuhan, in a letter to the Foreign Affairs office, has appealed for urgent intervention by the Kenyan government, saying they are quickly running out of supplies and are facing psychological torture.
“To date, the embassy has not responded to our letter nor the raised concerns. We are in total darkness,” stated the letter signed by officials of the Kenyan Students in Wuhan Association.

GOK is spending billions on BBI but they can’t spend a few millions to rescue stranded Kenyans. This tells you how bad things are

Translation: China won’t let us.

This is bad PR for China. Client states like Kenya will have to get word from Beijing before taking any action on Coronavirus where it involves China. This was the situation with KQ - China had to OK KQ plans on China flights

So officially we are China’s overnight bitch :oops:

No! We need to gather enough balls to evacuate our guys from there. If our administration is relying on info from China authorities, Ole wao, they’ll lie bila shame.

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There’s no such thing as bad PR for China. They literally don’t care who thinks what about them.

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To save more in Kenya it’s advisable to let them die or survive in China.

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I know a few guys yours truly included who declined a PhD scholarship in China, some 8 months ago. Tungekuwa among the hapless Kenyans.

Oh really? Is that why they come up with a list of things you can’t see on the internet every morning? They manage their image very closely. More to their citizens but to the outside as well.

Shinaman is worse than a chuta. But as an aside…I have never encountered worse Kenyans than those working in Embassies/Consulates abroad. Ooooh the attitude stinks from here to the high heavens. So those Kenyans should expect nada help.

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