Kenyan government refused to help trace missing Ethiopian Samson Teklemichael

An Ethiopian media outlet has hit out at the Kenyan government for refusing to furnish the world with details of the abduction of Ethiopian businessman Samson Teklemichael on the streets of Nairobi.

In their statement which they copied to Nairobi News, Kenya’s President William Ruto, the US Embassy in Kenya, the United Nations Human Rights, the American State Department, and two other media outlets, Tigray Herald said the Kenyan government failed to honor their appeal to trace the whereabouts of their compatriot.

Samson Teklemichael was bundled out of his Bentley vehicle as he drove in Nairobi’s upmarket neighborhood, Kileleshwa, on November 19, 2021, leaving many wondering whether it was an arrest or abduction.

In March 2022, the Ethiopian government reached out to the Kenyan government, asking them to expedite investigations into Teklemichael’s disappearance but they too did not get any response from their Kenyan counterparts.

Did they search him.during river yala shenanigans? Remember pia mwenda mbijiwe lost without a trace.

Mbijiwe was a thug.