Kenyan foreign mission abroad

Apart from the ambassadorial appointment- which is usually political appointment- Are other positions in foreign missions appointed on merit or still political? Positions like Second Counselor, Administrative Attache, Economic attache.

I am asking this because the daughter of DP works here as the second in command. I have met here a couple of times.
I see myself relocating to South America after marrying this Peruvian lady but would like to be patriotic and still offer my services to my mother country.

Enda Peru pole pole na ututumanie maca tukulage pole pole.

Unajaribu kusema ungependa kufanya kazi kwa embassy in Peru ama?

Wakinipeleka Havana si mbaya!

Foreign and Abroad in the same sentence?? Doesn’t add up

Perdón! Inglés es ño mí idioma nativo.

this village:(:(:(:(:frowning:

¿Cuál es tu lengua materna?

Shikilia hapo kidogo bro, unanichanganya kiasi…this Peruvian lady… is she still the DP’s daughter? If yes, ni DP was Peru ama huyu wetu Arap Mashamba? :confused:

I think for that to happen inabidi upitie either FSI ama FSA sijui which is which.

The daughter of your deputy president works in Rome.

In India they have a program like that. I don’t know whether such exists.


It does. And yes, for you to be an officer in the diplomatic service, you have to go through the Foreign service academy and or, the Foreign affairs institute. But sijui complexity za kuingia huko. But if you’re interested, you can take a flight home and drop your CV at their offices. Hapo KICC, floor yenye sijui.

huko kama hujuani just forget.

Living and working in a communist country has its challenges.

Thanks. This is what i needed.

Do we have an embassy in Peru really?


The other positions are usually held by Ministry of Foreign Affairs civil servants and the positions are usually rotational, you work in the ministry for two years in the country then four years abroad in Kenyan foreign missions. But to get a posting, you must reach a certain rank in the diplomatic ranking. FSA trains diplomats frequently,