Kenyan Football is dead..

Super sport has left the Kenyan premier league, bettings firms are going broke, the only fans on the stands ni Kogalo and ingwe lunatics, the leagues biggest revenue streams have dried up, very sad… Kenyan Football will never be the same.

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hii tuli… ile siku… pale…

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Betting firms going broke? Are they restricted to K’ogalo and Ingwe?


For 1000 likes name 6 players of the National team Harambee Stars.

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wanyama .were ,miheso, kelly wanyama jr


Francis Onyiso, Musa Otieno, John Luchuku, Josiah Ougo, Duncan Digolla, John Odhiambo, Eric Omondi, Ali Shariff, Maurice Wambua, Kennedy Simiyu, Thomas Ogweno.

(Harambee Stars vs Nigeria, 1997)


RIP Fabisch


David ‘calabar’ Owino, Brian Mandela, Antony Akumu, Jesse Were, James Situma my favourite Osborne Monday etc. Wengine wetu bwana ES hupenda local football na especially hio withdrawal ya SuperSport naona ikiumiza clubs za KPL that do not have other revenue streams. Ultimately ni maplayers wataumia



Goalkeeper ni nani?
Theres a time Harambee Stars goalkeepers were Kenyan heroes.
They were household names


Boniface Olouch wa Gor Mahia ndio amekuwa preferred na the current coach but in my opinion Arnold Origi is best keeper Kenya currently have.

then these guys shouldn’t be given exclusive rights to air EPL in Kenya. I wonder how long the contract is…

It doesn’t work that way

Ingwe fans have stopped flooding stadiums like they used to three years ago. Even the shemeji derby is not that patronized by ingwe fans. Just wait for their next game and watch. little wonder ingwe was thumped over the weekend. Tulikosea wapi? Kama ni sponsoring, tunayo. We basically have everything. What about those small teams that have no proper sponsors?

another broadcasting sponsor will just come in, hopefully.

yeah I Do know premier league gave supersport the exclusive rights to air epl in this side of Africa…but we had another company,GTV,before it went under…

Truth be told, Harambee stars have been playing some good soccer since Nick took office. Okumbi has been a good coach, his success in friendlies is a pointer to good things, remember youngsters need confidence. Players like Jesse Were, Wanyama, David Ochieng, Anthony Akumu and Olunga are up there with the best that Kenya has ever produced. Tell me when you last saw a complete striker like Olunga donning our jersey. Or a dominant midfield player like Wanyama. Importantly they seem very grounded despite their successes abroad, sio kama hawa vijana wenye hadi wamekua wanavaa skirts na kuvuta sheesha. Playing unit and coaching staff is very motivated, we just need to sort out the mess that Nyamweya had created with the dstv deal and all should be well.


Star times will probably take over… Hopefully

RIP Lichuku, Simiyu…


Why doesn’t KBC air classic matches? I would be very willing to watch that over the crap that is aired on TV today.

Ball, sports (bake, boxing, cricket, n.k.) in general uharibika kukiwa na poor managers cum politicians (especially Nyamweya - now banned for 10yrs, na huyu wa saa hizi Mwendwa). They make populist statements that have not been thought through. Clashes with established systems/structures wanting to impose their dim witted and unsustainable programs. Case in point the expansion of the kpl to 18 teams so that ‘their teams - sharks & shabana’ could have ‘airtime & sustainance’ through dstv ‘rand fund’.
He clashed with the ‘wakilisha mtaa yako 7/8 a side league tournament’ to the point of banning officials of that league from football activities… His office is on record for not giving clearance to a player who got a ‘proffesional contract abroad’ in that league, because as they said “it is not sanctioned” yet sponsored by the same betting firm that supports it league (kpl).

It is the same in Bake, as the office bearers want to pockect sponsorship money at the expense of hardworking players.

It is very hard to be a sportsman or sportswoman in Kenya. You train really hard, get to represent the country, then some dim witted official pockets your money. Look at Olympics team to Rio, All African Games in Mozambique where some martial artists travelled by road to represent the country and officials by air, sending 2 martial arts teams to an African Tournament - each representing a faction of the art…

In 7s rugby, you chase away a Local performing coach (Ayimba) because he fights for the players rights, replace with… Something else. The performance speaks for itself…

Officials Mafala wanatumess, Same na Wanasiasa Mafala vivyo hivyo…