Kenyan envoy, collapses, DIES

Kenya’s Ambassador to South Sudan Chris Karumba Mburu is dead.
Mr Mburu, a former director at the National Intelligence Service (NIS), collapsed and died at his residence in Juba, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.
The cause of death has not yet been established.


Ati digi news. Hii ghasia ujionaje kwani?


Did he know something that he wasn’t supposed to know?

:meffi::meffi: Digi hiiki

Heart attack.

RIP na hata simjui

Wewe usianze elder, leo nimeaka vizuri. Mecho nishasafisha [ATTACH=full]287604[/ATTACH]

only in kenya,where you die and people analyse your cause of death even before being laid flat on the morgue slabs

Viagra overdose or he got the wrong info and had to go…

Hush brother hush…this is KT where everyone is an expert on anything. Jack of all trades and masters of none. Ushawaona when a plane crashes? mimi huwa na cheka sana. Let them spin that it is WSR behind it in peace, just like they did yesterday about the car crash only to find out walahi it was not true…

kĮhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilis

kĮhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilis