Kenyan education is a trash

I registered the other day for MSC IT in one of the universities in Kenya. Some lectures have never showed up for class. We have had few lessons and mostly lecturers just show up to read notes. Now we are scheduled to do exams in 2 weeks time and so far i have not gotten anything new. There is no new knowledge that i have learned much. When i consider i will soon have MSC IT certificate despite not learning anything new just shows me how Kenyan education is trash. There is poor regulation and enforcement of quality standards in Kenya

It’s a pity. No wonder the degrees are not worth the paper it’s printed on outside of Kenya borders.

Kumbe umekuwa ukilamba matako ya jambwzi sugu because you are just 18 Who hasn’t started thinking? Ubwa.

What university. Even Nairobi aviation college is a university.

I think it was mentioned here that the only Kenyan universities worth attending are UoN, USIU & Strathmore

university kenya ni wewe kujisomea , lecturer kazi yake ni kukupea course outline, kuleta cats na kumark exams,
if you are doing engineering course pole, jitahidi, that requires plenty of practicals, most universities have poorly equiped labs

Can someone 18 be doing Masters in IT…or this is possible in Kenya?

The qualifications are just acquired for job hunting and promotion. The real IT gurus are self-taught, without papers to show, but skills.

In life i have learned that what ever you want to achieve boils down to your determination to succeed. Certificates are like tools or weapons that you are given to go hunting animals for food.
If you never went to School it means that you will have to kill the animal with your bare hands.
In this scenario a high School dropout goes hunting with a pen knife.
A university graduate, a hand gun and the one with masters gets the rifle.
At the end of the day you may find that the guy feasting is the one who brought down the animal with his or her bare hands.
Of course it would be better if we all went hunting with long range rifles.

I have ALWAYS said this here many times.

BSc ya Kenya ni Kama High School ya China

Waiting for your lecturer to lead the way shows you are the biggest problem and you have no idea what you are doing in life. Most likely your parents threw you in there to gain some body mass before they connect you to some job.

An MSc in IT from a local university is pretty useless unahitaji mneti na ukae mbele ya keyboard and hammer away till you are one with that machine. Usiwaste pesa na hizi Kenyan universities, l was talking to a 4th year recently hajui crypto, AI, machine learning. Hao hufunzwa vitu za last century. Unless of course you intend to get the papers just as a formality ndio upande the corporate ladder which l wouldn’t advise if you are in IT you must be an entrepreneur. Low barriers of entry and the sky truly is the limit. Check hushpuppy.

What about those with wealthy, well-connected parents. Where do they fit in the analogy?

True you can’t claim to be doing an msc when you are still waiting for your lecturer to show you the way…by now you should show initiative and surprise your potential supervisor with a concept paper for your project.

A few years back nilikuwa nimeanza Masters in Electrical Engineering pale UoN before discontinuing my studies because of job. Nilipelekwa kisumu ikawa impossible kuendelea na masomo Nairobi. In the first semester which I fully attended, there wasn’t any difference in syllabus with what we did at Undergrad third/forth year uko. Tulikuwa tunafunzwa na professors but all the syllabus were similar to undergrad, hata ilinifanya nikadharau masters after having very high expectations.

Having worked for a while now, I have realized for you to be good in your field you have to develop a self-directed learning habits. There is nothing much directly applicable in real world you get from hizo degrees, perhaps they are only meant kukufungua akili and teach you how to fish

A lecturer is supposed to guide you and direct you to the right literature . not spoon feed you. ghassia , masters pia unataka ufunzwe kama mtoi wa nursery

Dude ungesaka tu madoo fanya online classes from an international institution yep kama mbaya degree local but most guys wa IT i know masters they take from zoom classes but a bit expensive.

Masomo ya gumbaru huwa ngumu x 4 masomo ya kawaida. Ukishindwa kusoma ukiwa mdogo huwezi soma ukiwa mzee.

bullshit most masters,phds are done when guyz are in their 30s ,40s

Masomo ya Kenya iliwaambia lazima mwalimu asimame hapo mbele ya darasa kama ameshika kijiti akiongea kwa kimobo ka robot imejaa kutu