Kenyan ecommerce company shuts down after spending 600million

I tried to buy a ticket through Kenya and the transaction couldn’t go through no matter what.
I was surprised that a blue chip company in Kenya could have such an unreliable revenue gathering software.
I think these companies are failing due to poor quality software.
Without proper execution no idea can work.

Twiga is no different from these foreign companies… they hype what they do and sell shares to VCs… there is no proof that it is profitable today… or is there any? Most of these guys have been lucky to have studied in America and have connections back there… then they make a strong case for funding and are funded… then they use the funds to expand without making any profits but so much in sales… then they go down once they are unable to raise further significant funds… See Cheki, Pigiame, BrighterMonday, etc… nothing much in form of profits locally… support mainly in form of capital from big brother abroad… same guys puffing Quickmart…