Kenyan Drivers.

Why is it that most Kenyan drivers are so damn insensitive to emergency service vehicles like ambulances. Yesterday witnessed an ambulance stuck in traffic and the reaction from most drivers was just horrific. There was only the ambulance driver and the health practitioner. It reached a point daktari had to leave the patient to aid in clearing up the traffic and some ferking drivers had the audacity to start an argument.Venye he opened the door I saw that the patient was an old man. He had these oxygen things wrapped around his face. I hope he made it. Mtu ana buy a vitz and he sees amefika na haezi drive without rolling his windows down. Shenzi type.

Please if you ever find yourself in such a situation just squeeze yourself to the pavement. Don’t try changing lanes or some other idiotic behaviour which will just make the traffic worse. Just songa kando.

What irks me the most is the fools who follow ambulances through traffic. I stopped a Navara once. He hooted and hooted but I just kept my cool.

Idiot guy. Kenyans and shortcuts…

There is a law which for whatever reason we do not use just like traffic lights. If you block an emergency service vehicle you should be arrested. Especially if it is a platz, porte or passo. Hizo infact wanafaa impound the vehicle n crush it vile KRA hufanya huko port

It starts here with us wanakijiji. Life is too Precious. Let’s purpose to end this kasumba ya ku obstruct emergency service vehicles from saving a life.

Its the ingenuity of the ambulance drivers.
I know of one that every morning at around 7:30am kwa jam.We give it way only for it to drop a couple of passengers at a certain premise then continue with the journey with the siren still on.

Huyo driver pia anafaa kushikwa. Ambulance ziwe na insidr cameras na outside facing. So when you obstruct it utatafutwa baadae ushikwe. Na ule driver wa ambulance anaweka siren ovyo ovyo a regulatory authority will review the cam feed that is facing inwards

Please never assume that man. Although true at instances it’s too expensive of a gamble to play. Always assume there is a patient inside. Even if it’s a personal car na unaona amepiga horn sana. Give him way. I drove a pregnant woman to the hospital once na alizaa hapo tu in the front seat.In the heat of the moment She even shouted if her kid died it was me who was to blame. Usitake kujua venye I drove that day.


Hehe huwa naondokea

Most do that.I meant ingine ya KU.Inasumbua watu kwa jam kumbe inaleta staff hapa KU parkland campus.Almost on daily basis that was it drill.Sijui kama aliwacha

I always give way to ambulances and school buses…when a guy driving a personal car flashes me asking for a way through, I try to give way whenever it is reasonable.
Watu sitambui ni wajinga wa mat and rude car drivers who overlap ama try to cut in.

l saw a matatu following an ambulance like an escort

:D:D:D:D:D…umesahau vitz na probox, watu wa hutu tugari ni kama wako na Napoleon complex, too aggressive with their miniature toys.

My.mum died in ambulance when stupid matatu driver blocked it. She was 5 mins to the hospital. From that day, I hear it’s siren, I give it way without a blink.

Im sorry to hear that. Nobody should have to endure that

Heard in our neighboring TZ ukikanyanga zebra crossing hio ni fine. Speed limit ya 50kmph upitishe na 51 hio ni fine na speed is monitored by cameras unapata traffic officer mbele ashatumiwa alert na fine unalipa hapo hapo .

Driving in Kenya is the only career that doesn’t require any academic qualifications so u find most of our drivers esp psv driver are the worst illiterate and have absolutely no courtesy no respect for any other road user

Pole sana Guru. So saddening

No matter what you drive, iwe truck, range, mat ama vitz, always be ready to give way first unless where traffic rules. Iwe ambulance or any other vehicles, usibishane. It pays my friends.
Usisukumane na watu barabarani. However rogue they are. Remember you are the only sane person on the road.
Mtu akikuonyesha madharau mpe nafasi atembee.
My old Mzee told me, “ukibishana na mtu kisha umwache kwa barabara hubaki akikucurse wishing you bad lack”
It’s true such pple ukiwapea barabara utawapata wamekwama huko mbele. Who will be laughing??

new drivers are also the worst. trying to be macho likethe rest mtu anaruka kwa njia vile anataka. no wonder first cars are crapped in a short time.