Kenyan Death Row Reality

Kamiti death row. A huge guy called shetani wanted this man to be his woman. Lakini wanaume you can’t live without sex? I always say that any place with men only is where you can really understand the psyche of men. A man will sooner be gey than stop having sex.

There are more gay jungus than any other ethnicity

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Actually more in Iran , Pakistan and Saudi Arabia …

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Fuck I have watched the story, how unlucky can one be! Acha nitafute Part 2 nione.

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Its like once the devil gets a foot hold into your life and you don’t realise it and seek spiritual help, my fren umeisha. Did you hear of tiktokers who died on a road trip? The guy called Kevin was in jail for 2 years on rape charges, he then was in an accident that killed him and his only child. His gf escaped unhurt. Not even a scratch, she was just thrown out of the car.

Don’t bring junguu into this and they are the ones buying your ARV medications. In any case this is the most eye opening interview about the underworld of Kamiti condemned block. They have everything from hard drugs to ‘women’ for their sexual gratification. The ‘women’ are highly guarded and pampered, no pun intended. LOL.